About Us

The Logan Banner has been serving Logan, Boone, Mingo, Lincoln and Wyoming Counties of West Virginia since 1888. It comes as a surprise to no one that the Logan Banner, first published and edited by Henry Clay Ragland in 1888, is Logan County’s oldest commercial business, still in existence in Logan County today.

The City of Logan was 36 years of age when Henry Clay Ragland published his first issue of the Logan Banner. Ragland was a prolific writer and copies of his newspaper record much current news, features, poems and history of the county, most of which he personally prepared. The machinery for a weekly newspaper printed in 1888 was simple and uncomplicated. But moving the printing press from the manufacturer to the hills of Logan County was a project that required more skill and hard labor than moving the mammoth, complicated printing machines of today. Ragland’s worry began after the arrival of the machinery at Marmet, W.Va. At that point the press was loaded onto a wagon and hauled to the Guyandotte River. Loaded on a barge, it began its perilous journey by water to Logan. Ragland owned and edited the Logan Banner as a weekly publication until his death in 1911.

Ownership of The Logan Banner has been transferred several times throughout its history, and is currently owned by Civitas Media.

Civitas Media, headquartered in Davidson, N.C., is a dynamic, multi-channel, local information company with strong roots in traditional community newspaper publishing. Civitas — Latin for “community or “citizen” — is exclusively focused on being the premier local information conduit of community news, information and relevant entertainment presented on a variety of platforms including print, digital media, video and other evolving technologies in both content and advertising.

Civitas Media employs more than 1200 dedicated, creative and innovative associates across 12 states including North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee. Civitas publishes more than 100 publications for a combined weekly distribution of more than 1.6 million copies.