Remembering the ‘70s

Technology has transformed our world tremendously. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that life is getting easier for most people. And, greatly due to modern medicine, life expectancy has increased significantly from around the turn of the 20th century when the average person lived to be about 50 years-old. Sure, there were those who, despite difficult lives of working the fields, hunting, trapping, timbering or even working in unsafe coal mining conditions that existed in the day, ...

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The King Coal Highway

U.S. Rep. Nick Rahall, D-W.Va., is asking Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin to add the King Coal Highway project to West Virginia’s six-year highway improvement plan. It is a logical request, and one that Tomblin should act promptly on.

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Indictments must be piling up

All right, let’s see how many readers agree with me. All of you? That’s what I thought.Oh … I was just thinking storage room at the Southern District Federal Building in Charleston must be getting pretty scarce. That observation comes after weeks have turned into months and the feds still haven’t unveiled all the sealed indictments they have for Southern West Virginia officials.Regardless of the strategy in keeping the indictments secret (except, ...

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Israel’s heightened peril

President Barack Obama has offered to broker a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, a standard U.S. response to the periodic outbreak of violence from Gaza. But the current rocket fire from Gaza into Israel is different from past episodes, and the usual cease-fire may not answer Israel’s new peril.Hamas took credit for trying to destroy Israel’s nuclear reactor at Dimona. Three rockets were fired at the installation. Two fell short and one was intercepted by Israel̵...

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Toomey bill protects students from sexual predators

U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey is pushing to get a bill passed before the new school year starts, hoping to reduce a growing number of students who have been abused by school employees.But first, he has to get the proposal — the Protecting Students from Sexual and Violent Predators Act — out of committee.“Every day seems to bring a new report of a child robbed of his or her innocence by someone they should’ve been able to trust, someone their parents told t...

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You Can Begin Again

Words shape us. When the doctor delivers the baby and announces to the parents, “It’s a girl!” those words begin to shape their lives, and will for the next few decades. When a child hears repeatedly, “You’ll never amount to anything.” it may take a lifetime to get over that.Back in the days of the draft, if you got a letter from the Selective Service of “Greetings!” you knew your life was about to change. What if someone told you, &#...

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Obama’s nonpolluting firefighters

The Obama Administration is asking Congress for more money to fight summer wildfires, especially in the dry West, but perhaps it could start by getting its own agencies off firefighters’ backs. We’re speaking of the Defense Department’s recent and gratuitous fit of environmental consciousness, which has disrupted disaster efforts in peak wildfire season.

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Joe’s true colors

Editor,Once again Senator Joe Manchin showed his true colors when he recently voted in favor of abortion on demand. Of course his press release couches his efforts in high-sounding euphemistic terms to disguise the truth. I believe the Logan Banner article called it “a vote to invoke cloture”, but it was essentially a vote against individual American freedoms and a vote for abortion on demand. Hollywood Joe has learned well from his mentor and close friend Barack.

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The development of medicine in Logan County

Reprinted from The Centennial Issue (Celebrate West Virginia Homecoming ’96), Henry Clay Ragland’s History of Logan County, The Early Years….Updated, Volume One by Samuel W. Rogers Jr.By Dr. H.H. Farley and Dr. L.E. SteeleThe history of medicine in Logan county can be classified in three divisions — the home remedy, the first doctors and the first hospitals.Of course at the beginning there was the home remedy with the pioneer settlers c...

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Obama and economic recovery

President Barack Obama’s political opponents doubtless won’t take “yes” for an answer or acknowledge that his stewardship of the economy has been on track, but the June job figures are promising indeed. Some 288,000 jobs were added last month, and the nation’s unemployment rate dropped to 6.1 percent.The stock market shot up at the news, appropriately so.And then came the White House budget office estimate that the 2014 federal deficit will ...

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A writer is a painter of words

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that every person is a “story.” Just as rock ‘n roll artist Rod Stewart sang “every picture tells a story”, I like to think every story paints a picture. Sometimes the painted picture is not too clear or pretty, but it can sometimes be beautiful, other times interesting, sometimes comical, historical, educational or even emotional. As a story teller, I do not consider myself an artist. I, quite simply, am a “pa...

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Drug courts

The Marion County Adult Drug Court has only been operating for a few months, but you can count Circuit Court Judge Michael Aloi as a believer.The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals reports that since 2011, more than 70 babies have been born drug-free to women participating in drug courts. Of those born drug-free, 10 babies were born to participants in juvenile drug courts.Aloi says that in the few months the court has been operating in Marion County, he has seen it h...

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Sparks’ hearing appeared to feature him reaching for moral high ground

The sentencing of Michael Sparks, the former Mingo County prosecutor, did not draw nearly the crowd that appeared when ex-Judge Michael Thornsbury was sentenced. Sparks, who many argue is a decent man who landed in the wrong spot, was not nearly as apologetic as Thornsbury appeared to be.In fact, Sparks and his attorney appeared to be reaching for the high ground to commend the ex-prosecutor for his role in helping federal officials in the prosecution of other corrupt Mingo politic...

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Hiring freeze in state government

The West Virginia state government began its budget year last Tuesday with a small surplus of $40 million — less than 1 percent of its annual tax revenues — thanks only to dipping into its savings.Let’s not do that again.Tax collections have fallen — ever so slightly — in recent years. The time has come for state government to adjust its spending to fit the wallets of the taxpayers.To that end, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin continued a hi...

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God’s loves you

To me there is nothing quite like the early morning hours in the summertime. I thoroughly enjoy getting up early, getting a fresh cup of coffee, and going to sit on my back porch and listening to the birds as they sing. Their sweet melodies drift through the air while they are busy about their morning rituals. Their songs remind me of one simple truth — God’s love for us.I love to watch and listen to our native birds of Southern West Virginia. One of my favorites is my ...

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