Candlewood Suites nearing completion

Martha SparksSociety Editor

August 22, 2012

Two building now under construction in the City of Logan are nearing completion, according to City of Logan Mayor Serafino Nolletti.

Candlewood Suites, located on the east end of Stratton Street, and the government building, located on the site of the old Pioneer Hotel, are both expected to be completed sometime in October.

Candlewood Suites will provide 71 rooms to visitors and tourists in Logan County.

“They will be extended stay rooms,” said Nolletti. “Every room will have their own kitchenette.”

Nolletti said that there are no plans of placing a Hatfield-McCoy Trail Head near the new hotel.

“We will open Stratton Street up to the ATVs so they can travel to the Trail Head already in Logan,” said Nolletti.

Nolletti said that a bridge connecting the new Rt. 10 to Man with Logan should soon be under construction.

“They should be starting on it in late summer or early fall,” Nolletti said.

Code Enforcement Officer Ray Perry said the bridge will come down near the Candlewood Suites area.

Nolletti said the opening of the new government building should also be ready in October. He, along with several other county officials, was given a tour of the building’s progress recently. Nolletti was unsure when construction on the proposed Aracoma Motel 6 would begin or what plans the new owner has for the former Holland Parking Building lot.