Attempted copper theft results in tragedy

Debbie RolenStaff Writer

December 4, 2012

Debbie Rolen

Staff Writer

OMAR — A Logan County family is mourning the tragic loss of a loved one they reported missing on Friday. In an apparent attempt to steal copper to sell, David James Marcum, 28, was electrocuted on a hilltop between Omar and Sarah Ann.

Reports say the power lines were in an area where thefts had occurred in the past.

According to Appalachian Power two or three people a year have died while trying to steal copper and live wires may be left behind. Those live wires pose the threat of injury to hunters, repairmen or others who unknowingly near the copper theft site.

Appalachian Power spends about $1 million a year to replace stolen copper wire.

The investigation is ongoing. There may be other arrests related to this incident as there have been reports Marcum was not alone at the time of his death.