Tiny local Superhero in Marvel comics

Debbie RolenStaff Writer

June 23, 2013

A four-year-old who is in a battle for his life is known in the Logan area as a super hero, and now will be known to Marvel comics Avenger’s fans everywhere as his story is included in several comic books this month.

Joshua Gabriel “Gabe” Lyall is the son of Josh and Erina Lyall. Many people have come together and raised money to help the tiny Avenger fan and his family as he fights the tumors that have invaded his heart, liver and lungs. A biopsy on his liver confirmed the tumor as being stage four hepatoblastoma, which is a rare liver cancer in children.

Gabe is currently home after a recent stay in a local hospital. His treatments are ongoing and he continues to fight and inspire those around him.

The publications for the column about Gabe are: Avengers #13, June 5; Avengers Arena #10, June 5; Avengers Assemble #16; June 12; Avengers #14, June 19; Captain Marvel #13, June 19; A + X #9, June 19; Avengers Arena, June 26; Secret Avengers #5, June 26; Young Avengers #6, June 26 and Uncanny Avengers #9 doesn’t have a release date yet.