Group plans meeting July 30 to discuss route 10 closure

By Debbie Rolen

July 24, 2013

Residents who are on the wrong side of the route 10 closure are planning a meeting to discuss the project and get questions answered. The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. in front of Man High School.

West Virginia Department of Transportation Secretary Paul Mattox announced in a press release July 22 the section of Route 10 from Dabney (Rum Creek Road) to Man (Buffalo Creek Road) will be closed for 90 days to allow the contractor to work on excavating the hillside.

“The contractor, Bizzack Construction, LLC of Lexington, KY, has been maintaining two lanes of traffic, with 15 minute delays, at times, as they continue excavating a very confined, narrow section of existing WV 10,” stated Mattox. “The steep hillside work is becoming increasingly unstable and, thus, unsafe for traffic to move through the work zone. So the decision has been made to close the area until the slope can be lowered to an elevation such that traffic can be safely managed through the work zone.”

The road motorists must take as an alternate route winds its way up Rum Creek Road (County Route 14) for 12.2 miles to Buffalo Creek Road (County Route 16) for five miles, adding over 17 miles to the commute each way. Seventeen miles may not sound like a lot, but that many miles on that kind of road means it might take over an hour.

Linda Wilson, a Madison Creek resident, has been dealing with slides on her side of the construction, which have been frustrating and isolating. She believes they should finish construction on one side before they begin on the other.

“It is an ill-conceived project. They need to stop working on the other side until they finish this side. They said they could make us another way out on the other end here, but it hasn’t happened.”

Wilson says residents are making lists of questions and comments they plan to forward to officials before the meeting so they will be prepared to come with answers.