Coal Mt. Reunion 2013 held

Martha Sparks Society Editor

September 8, 2013

COAL MOUNTAIN — The 14th Coal Mountain Reunion was held June 30 at Coal Mountain Day Use Shelter 1.

The person traveling the greatest distance to attend was Sherry Morgan; oldest in attendance was Wanda Brooks; youngest in attendance was Bryce Warrix, and the most family members present went to the Butch Davis family. Door prize was won by Sandy Addison and most in attendance won a Coal Mt. Keychain.

Attending the event was Jack Bias; Belinda Bias; Piper Cook; Betty Hanshaw; George Cox; Deb Cox; Arden Hatfield; Katherine Hatfield; Maxine E. Maynor; Anita Mullins; Gwenn Shrewsbury; Donna Pruitt; Ray Gunter; Ruth Blankenship Schoenleben; Jan Blankenship; Art Stone; Darrell Faron Cornett; Jackie Cook; Tara Hatfield; MaKinlei Hatfield; Glenna Hatfield; Corby Morgan; Sheila Hatfield Jewell; James Jewell; Hannah Jewell; Janice Morgan; Robert Morgan; Alvin and Leona Bishop; Michael and Selena Bailey; Jeff and Patty Donithan; Elaine West and Amanda Laney.

Krista, Jeremy and Bryce Warrix; Ella Nora Ramsey; Janice Bishop Sloan; Pooch Hatfield; Teresa Addison; Deb Hoosier; Maxine Morgan; Greg Morgan; Daniel and Sue Walls; Timmy Walls; Cathy Fortner; Patricia Godfrey Mullens; Ruth Hatfield; Billy Hatfield; Alice Blankenship Maynard; Teresa Maynard Shinn; Claudette Maynard Blankenship; Morris Blankenship; Jerlene Maynard; Irene Cook; Elouise Ratliff; Sandy Addison; Jeanie Rhodes; Sheila and Wanda Brooks; Rena Argabright; Vicky Miller; Butch and Rita Davis; Huey Miller; French Hatfield; Jimmy Tiller and Camy Crouse.