START prepares for Autumn

Martha Sparks msparks@civitasmedia.com

September 22, 2013

MAN — With Autumn approaching, START decided to bring summer decorating to an end at the August 22 meeting. For the finale, the decorating committee used the theme, Summer in Bloom.

The dining tables were covered with multi-colored table cloths with color coordinating placemats with multi-colored stripped napkins. Centerpieces consisted of small colored buckets containing flowers of the season. An extra-large flower, handcrafted by Gretchen Donahue, was placed in the center of each two buckets. Six small clay pots with real flowers lined the piano. These flowers were used later as door prizes.

START president Frank Thompson called the meeting to order and asked Lee Noel to say the opening prayer.

Everyone enjoyed a homecooked lunch, including mouth-watering desserts. START confectioner Zettie Brown baked a cake with white icing and covered the top with small delicate roses to complement the Summer in Bloom theme.

After lunch, members celebrating an August and July birthdays were recognized. Members celebrating an August birthday were Angeline Bassham, Jerry Garrett, Lounice Jeffrey, Maxine Justice, Bill McNeely, Rev. Randy Sites, Barbara Spears, Donna Thibault and Pebble Vance. July birthday celebrants who were not at the July meeting were Nancy Garrett, Billie Noel, and Robert Perry. Alice Harrison played the piano while the audience sang the “Happy Birthday” song. START photographer Shirley Brown took a picture of the birthday celebrants.

Before the business session began, START president Frank Thompson presented the Bill and Emma Mitchell Memorial Award to Elizabeth Tackett, librarian at the Buffalo Creek Memorial Library. Tackett was selected to receive the award for her many outstanding accomplishments as librarian. Through her leadership, a new children’s reading room was added allowing space for additional reading programs. In addition, other major capital improvements were made to the library. She is solely responsible for bringing the overall functionality of an octagon shaped 1970’s library into the 21st century. Additionally, Thompson presented Tackett with a monetary gift from the Friends of the Library. When the children’s reading room was completed, Friends of the Library donated an electric fireplace and a large screen TV which gives the room a “homey” feeling.

After serving as START president for the past 10 years, Thompson announced his resignation as president in June to be effective with the election of new officers. Therefore, an election of officers was conducted during the business session. New officers elected were Gretchen Donahue, president; Nancy Garrett, vice-president; Barbara Brunty, secretary; and Alice Harrison, treasurer. Jean Wintz, the existing secretary, declined to accept the nomination for another term.

Final plans were made for START’s annual picnic to be held at noon Thursday, September 26, in the Fellowship Hall at Bruce McDonald United Methodist Church. The members decided the menu which will be prepared and catered by Mrs. Beulah Lusk, a well-known caterer in the Triadelphia Area. Members are encouraged to wear their START t-shirt to the picnic.

Prior to closing, a drawing for door prizes was conducted. Winners were Jean Wintz, Gretchen Donahue, Betty Gentry, Judy Sites, Barbara Brunty, and Merlin Spears.

The 38 members signing the attendance register were Cecilia Dingess, William T. Coyer II, Angeline Bassham, Pebble Vance, Betty Gentry, Shirley and Zettie Brown, Peggy Mosley, Arthur and Barbara Brunty, Elizabeth Tackett, Lou Arnold, Mae Osborne, JoAnn Hensley, Robert Perry, Dr. Rallos, Alice Harrison, Maxine Justice, Jerry and Nancy Garrett, Bill and Donna McNeely, Jean Wintz, Gretchen Donahue, Lee and Billie Noel, Pauline Jeffrey, Rev. Randy and Judy Sites, Barbara Spears, Norma Jean Nelson, Elmer and Lounice Jeffrey, Merlin and Delores Spears, Lessie Bailey, and Frank and Elaine Thompson.