Man cheerleaders also statebound

By Paul Adkins Sports Editor

November 14, 2013

Logan County will have not one, but two teams in next month’s state cheerleading tournament.

Man High School, which finished second place in last week’s Class A regional tourney, is also headed to state and will join Logan High School’s cheerleaders in the state tournament, which is slated for Friday, Dec. 13 at the Charleston Civic Center.

Man, coached by Michelle Grimmett, is making its first trip to the state tourney since 2011 when former coach Cindy Meade took them there.

Man finished second in the regional competition to powerhouse Tug Valley, which has won back-to-back state championships in 2A in 2011 and Single-A last year.

Scott High School also qualified for the state cheer tourney in Double-A.

The Man cheerleaders are made up of: seniors Casey Albright, Cari Blair, Elizabeth Dickerson. Lindsay Eldridge, Kelly Grimmett, Madison Keffer, Kelsie Riley and Jennifer Shull; juniors Hannah Lester and Shantessa May; sophomores Destiny Beckett, Madisyn Lusk and Robert Morris; and freshmen Kaden Chafin and Sydney Keffer.

Coach Grimmett said she’s thrilled her has made it to the state tourney.

“This is my first year coaching at the high school level,” she said. “I coached Man Middle School for a couple of years, but this is my first year as a high school coach. I’m very proud of this team and I feel that they have a good chance at winning the state title this year.”

Grimmett said her squad has a good routine.

“Their routine has a lot of whole group tumbling and outstanding single tumbling passes as well,” she said. “It is a fast-paced, high-energy routine which they perform very well. We had some deductions because of problems with stunts during the regional competiton and with those deductions we still managed to make it to state. We are currently revising the routine in order to maximize our strengths and I feel 100 percent confident that this team can do very well competing at the state level on December 13 at the Charleston Civic Center.”

Grimmett said her team has worked really hard.

“I would like to thank these kids who have put in countless hours of practice, cheered all games and made sure to do their homework because academics is held in high regard on this team,” she said. “Their good sportsmanship and dedication makes me extremely proud. They are very well-rounded young adults. I would like to thank Michelle Akers (LHS cheer coach) for all of her support. She and Teresa Cline, the MCHS cheer coach, have been my mentors throughout this whole experience. Of course, the parent support has been amazing as well. I would like to wish Logan, Scott, and all other teams the best of luck at states this year.”

Grimmett said she expects her team to perform well in Charleston.

“We are very excited and stand a great chance at winning this year,” she said. “We are currently ranked third in the state going into the state competition, even though we had some deductions because of some falls. We are one point away from second place right now.”

This year’s state cheer competition has been moved up a day to a Friday.

The Civic Center is booked on Saturday, Dec. 14 for the West Virginia-Marshall basketball game.