Letters to the Editor, Jan. 19, 2014

January 19, 2014

Stop the hate


My name is Meg Jarvis Stidham, and I am the daughter of the late Earl F. Jarvis, a man who I considered to be one of the most caring, giving, kind, loving, and — to sum it all up — compassionate men I have ever known. I was lucky enough to call him my Dad.

I cannot begin to describe how much I miss him every day. For the past 12 months, I have thought about him and have been flooded with so many different emotions, images and stories in my mind. He was a man of God, trying to make a difference, and I think he did during his time here with us.

My Daddy loved life, loved America, love all his fellow Americans, and really loved Logan, even though he wasn’t born here, didn’t grow up here and didn’t move here until after his marriage to the former Suzanne Browning. He always called Logan home after that life event. Yet if he were here today, his heart would be breaking. Breaking because of the way we have decided to treat on another, without any regard to people’s feelings, needs (both emotional and physical) and situations (both personal and professional).

A few days before my Dad died, he asked me to come sit beside him because he needed to share something with me. I went to him, sat on his bed and he took my hand, whispering into my ear. “Meggie, I know why we are put here on the Earth”, he said. “It’s the one true and only reason we are here”. What he shared with me was this profound statement. “Our only purposes in life is to take care of one another and to love one another, absolutely, positively, and totally unconditionally, until our time here is done:” He asked me to promise him that I would adopt this attitude towards all of my fellow “brothers and sisters”, no matter what, no matter if they were rich or poor, young or old, gay or straight, working or homeless, no matter their race, sex, or religion or country of origin, no exclusions. I have tried to adopt all of this into my daily routine and live by it every day, in order to honor my Dad. Now I am coming to each and every one of you, asking you, even begging you, to please do the same.

Stop all the hate, whether it be through the media, through social media, chain emails, texting, or however. Start practicing peace. Always know that good and positive creates goodness and positiveness in others. My sincere appeal to everyone is, please think about what you have just read, that it may encourage us all to realize what a wonderful world we could potentially live in. Finally, I leave you with these words from one of my Daddy’s favorite authors, Alex Haley. “Find the good and praise it!”

Meg Jarvis Stidham



Not fraud?


I recently read an article in a Charleston newspaper where our Honorable Judges in the 4th District ruled in favor for the crooks in Jackson & Kelly law firm who held key evidence in a case against a coal miner’s claim of Black Lung. The judges ruled that Jackson Kelly did not fraud the court.

Maybe they did not fraud the court, but they sure did stick it to this sick miner who worked 30 years in the coal mines.

What will it take for people to realize you only “friend of coal” is that miner working next to you.

You people driving around with Friends of Coal license plates on your trucks are in for a real shock when you get old or disabled. These so called Friends of Coal will fight any way they can to beat you out of benefits you worked so hard for, and trusted your Friends of Coal to come through for you and your families.

They will be counting their money you made for them during the years you spent crawling around in their coal mines.

By the way, this miner I have been writing about… the Judges and Jackson Kelly are right about him not having breathing problems because he is now dead. He died of, guess what — Black Lung.

Thank you,

James D. Kilgore