Logan Sober Living Home becoming a reality

Martha Sparks msparks@civitasmedia.com

April 9, 2014

A Sober Living Home in Logan will soon be a reality following the signing of a lease Saturday morning.

Pete Browning, Recovery Group Of Southern West Virginia board president, met with long-time businessman Sam Tiller, owner of Logan Hydraulics, to sign a lease on Tiller’s property located at Cherry Tree.

“This will be Logan County’s first sober living home,” Browning said.

Tony Dingess, Recovery Group of Southern West Virginia treasurer, said the home would be for those who want to continue the process of recovering from addiction in a temptation-free environment.

“It gives them the opportunity to transition back into everyday life. It’s a long-term recovery program. The program itself is a Christ-centered program, even though we are a community based organization,” Dingess said.

Dingess said many of the occupants in the home will be those in prison who need approved housing plans before being released.

“Many are looking at returning to a home where addiction is the environment.” Dingess said.

Those who are approved to live in the home will be strictly monitored with random drug testing and counseling.

“They will have to be clean when they come in and our goal is that they stay clean,” Dingess said.

“We have to have zero tolerance,” Browning said, adding that the home won’t just take anyone in; there will be an interviews and screenings that hopefuls will have to pass.

“There may be 1,300 to 1,500 individuals in the prison system who have made parole but don’t have a home plan,” Browning said. “So we have to look at their prison conduct, did they take classes while in prison… We’re going to interview them to make sure that they will have a high success rate…”

Browning said there will a charge for services for those who will be living in the home.

“We don’t charge them rent… but they will have to pay for services… programs and classes. They have to go to class every day.”

Browning said he also wanted residents who aren’t working to get out and volunteer in the community with such things as picking up litter or mowing grass for the elderly.

“We’ll get people to donate gas, lawnmowers and stuff, so we can go out and help the community too,” Browning said. “And it makes them feel good about themselves when they are helping others.”

Browning said the building will undergo some remodeling and maintenance in the next few months with an estimated opening date of June 1.

Browning said this home will be for males only, but future plans are to open up a facility for females and for those who need long-term recovery.

Anyone who would like to volunteer their services, contribute remodeling supplies or donate funds can contact Browning at 304-239-6163 or by email pete@recoveryswv.org. Monetary contributions may also be sent to Recovery Group of Southern WV, P.O. Box 952, Logan WV 25601 or made through Paypal at their website: www.recoveryswv.org/