Hot Cup to open Harry Potter themed reading room

Karissa Blackburn kblackburn@civitasmedia.com

April 18, 2014

The Hot Cup of Logan is launching a magical program tonight to capture the interest of teens and young adults and help raise the literacy rate in Logan County.

If you have frequented the Hot Cup recently, you may have noticed some Harry Potter themed decorations (i.e. the 9 ¾ train platform outside of their front door). What you may not know is the owner, Michael Cline, is also building a Harry Potter themed “Cupboard Under the Stairs” Reading Room, and it will be open for readers on April 28.

The reading room consists of high quality replica props from the Harry Potter series (including the elder wand, a golden snitch, Harry’s glasses and more) and will be filled with top notch young adult genre books.

If you are a muggle (a human with no magical capabilities), you may be a little confused. Why in the world would child want to read under a staircase? Before Harry Potter knew he had magical powers, and before he ever knew about the magical school that we all know and love as Hogwarts, he lived with his horrible aunt and uncle who made his bedroom in a small utility closet under their staircase.

Although the reading room will look and feel like Harry’s room from the outside, as soon as you walk in you are magically transported to one cozy (and very well decorated) room to get your read on.

To celebrate the opening, the Hot Cup is having a special screening of all eight Harry Potter films over the next two weekends, with the first two films showing tonight. The tickets for the screenings are five dollars each.

In case you’re curious as to what your five dollars will be buying you: two movies in high definition on a 70 in. screen with a state of the art sound system, a special keepsake Harry Potter themed bookmark “ticket” for admittance, and free popcorn, soda and (in true Harry Potter fashion) jellybeans. Those who have tickets for tonight will be the first to see the new Cupboard Under The Stairs Reading Room.

“I remember when Harry Potter first came out and everyone was reading it. That was so great! People were in lines that were trailing out of Books-A-Million at midnight to buy a book,” says Cline.

Cline hopes that bringing the magic of Harry Potter and Hogwarts back to Logan will stir up the interest in reading once again.

To get your tickets for the next showing, visit the Hot Cup today. And mark your calendars for April 28 to see the new reading room. There may or may not be a new Harry Potter-themed drink on the menu that day…