Te quiero Taco Bell?

Karissa Blackburn kblackburn@civitasmedia.com

June 27, 2014

Taco Bell at Logan has been closed since June 2. Tuesday, a bulldozer came in and began demolition. Many local citizens have been worried about this, asking “Are they taking away our Taco Bell?”

In short, the answer is no. Permission is granted to do a quick happy dance before you return to this article to understand why.

Taco Bell Manager Laura Brinager told The Logan Banner that a new Taco Bell will be built in the same location. Demolition is expected to be finished by Friday, and the grand opening of the new restaurant is expected to be August 29.

“It’s coming back,” said Brinager. “If you look at other Taco Bells in the area, ours wasn’t even the same color. They’re just updating it.”

Brinager said that the restaurant has been in Logan since 1988, 25 years, and a company policy requires they tear down the building. The county demolition permit was received on Tuesday and construction began the same day.

Workers are traveling to neighboring Taco Bells to keep their jobs: from Williamson to Fayetteville, even into Virginia. But they will be back in Logan Co. after the ten-week (weather permitting) process is completed.