Unusual month in West Logan

By J.D. Charles For Civitas Media

August 14, 2014

While things have been pretty quiet over the course of the past year in West Logan some unusual activities have popped up recently.

West Logan Police Chief Robert Ward told the West Logan Town Council that while there were no reported automobile accidents or domestic violence calls in July there had been other activity in and around the town.

“On Monday night of last week, somebody stole a tailgate off the back of a pickup truck on First Avenue,” Ward told the councilmembers on August 11. “The Logan County Sheriff’s Department also made an arrest near town at the Speedway when a call went out over 911 about a shoplifter who fled the Dollar Store and was apprehended on the parking lot by Speedway. We also had a complaint about an individual on Third Avenue who had reportedly blocked off access to parking there with cinderblocks and traffic cones. The individual was contacted and it was explained that you cannot do that.”

Ward said the theft incident was disturbing as West Logan has had a long and good period of peace with little in the way of reported theft in recent years.

West Logan Mayor Darren Akers had some good news for Chief Ward, explaining that the Logan County Sheriff’s Department and the Logan County Commission had cleared the way for a surplus cruiser to replace the one lost earlier this year when a motorist reportedly fell asleep at the wheel and plowed into the West Logan PD cruiser which was parked in front of the police station.

Chief Ward said he was glad to hear it as WLPD has been using the old cruiser it had for several years which is in bad repair with an oil leak.

“The (Logan) County Commission called and said we can go get the car tomorrow,” Akers said.

Chief Ward said there was also a complaint about shrubbery that needed trimming along route 10 and that he had contacted the property owner about it.

Mayor Akers asked Chief Ward to keep up the increased patrols in town, noting that the area had a new business in the area in the form of Southern Elite Cheerleading.

“They had a camp last week and all of their people were there,” Akers said. “The parking lot will probably not be that full again for a while, but it was a good turnout.”

Southern Elite is not the only company in the town with a similar name, as Elite Cleaning is also located in West Logan, councilmembers noted.