Town of man passes minor fine

By J.D. Charles For Civitas Media

August 14, 2014

MAN — A minor fine was passed on second reading of a proposed ordinance Monday evening in the town of Man.

Starting this week, people who come in to the water department to pay their bill and do not have a copy of it with them will be fined .25 cents. The first reading of the proposed ordinance was held last month. The practice has been a common one and many people often overlook the cards, which cost money to print out and save time by having the information ready and at hand for those who remember to bring them in. Otherwise the clerk on duty has to look up the information on the account.

Chris Trent of the Logan Family Resource Network and the PEICES organization discussed a proposal that will help people dispose of drugs in a responsible manner.

“We have worked with Logan Sheriff Sonja Porter and communities of Chapmanville and Logan to put in place three drop boxes in the Logan, Man and Chapmanville areas where people can safely and responsibly dispose of prescription medication.”

For some time authorities have cautioned the public that you should not just flush any drugs down the toilet or wash them down the sink. Once it was common practice to flush these medications down the toilet. Your doctor or pharmacist may have directed you to do this. We now know that these substances are bad for our environment — the ground, water, and air around us — and that it can harm wildlife to dispose of them in that manner.

“Sheriff Porter has worked with the DEA on this project,” Trent noted.

Mayor Jim Blevins thanks Terrie Schoolcraft for work done on the recent Town of Man Street Fair, noting “it was a giant success.”

In other Town of Man news:

• Councilman Jon Fekete said major work is planned on the trestle project in town this summer. “We are planning on working on this over the next two or three months,” Fekete said.

• Councilmember Mavis Toler brought up an agreement document between the state and the town’s employees giving them the option of setting up a retirement account, if they so choose. “It is a document the state wants us to do, and it does not cost the town anything,” Toler explained.

• Man Police Chief David Walls gave his monthly report to the council, noting that several of the most severe charges filed by his department this past month were related to the same case. “We had one felony arrest for malicious wounding, one DUI charge and one charge for child endangerment,” Walls said, nothing that other charges interrelated. “We had more than 18 citations issued in July.”