Re: The Ed Show

August 16, 2014


This is an open letter to Mr. Ed Shultz, in care of The Ed Show at MSNBC. Mr. Shultz, if you are looking for a story that has the potential of changing the country for the better, this is it. To put it as simple as possible, the Republican Party is puffing Christians under the Old Covenant Law of Moses, just like the Pharisees attempted to do during biblical days. The apostles and disciples stopped the Pharisees, but who is there to stop the republicans, when the leaders of the Church are themselves republicans.

If Jesus Christ was walking around in the world today, teaching His New Covenant, He would encounter the same opposition to His teaching from the Republican Party as He encountered from the Pharisees. The Republican Party has no more use for Jesus than did the Pharisees.

If the Pharisees could have continued to punish sinners and could have continued to collect tithes from all of God’s people, the coming of Jesus would have had little downside for them. And, if the Pharisees could have kept the Old Covenant intact and simply portrayed the New Covenant of Jesus as simply an addition to the Old Covenant, they would have had little reason to send Jesus to the Cross.

But, that’s exactly what the Republican Party is doing; simply portraying the New Covenant as an addition to the Old Covenant. The Republican Party can’t use the peace, compassion, and forgiveness of the New Covenant to motivate Christians to join their Party. Therefore, the republicans use fear to convince Christians to put themselves under the Old Covenant law by falsely teaching Christians that God the Father will punish our nation for its sinfulness, unless Christians join the Republican Party to help republicans pass laws to punish sinners.

That false teaching is absolutely contrary to the New Covenant, of Jesus. God the Father punished the nation of Israel many times for its sinfulness, but because God the Son made salvation individual and personal, God the Son will not punish His followers for the sins of others. Jesus reserved the punishing of sinners unto Himself at the day of judgment (2 Pet. 2:9).

But, its not just the votes that thaw republicans to the Church. Of course, votes can translate into political power, and political power can be translated into money, but there is an even more direct source of money flowing through the Church that must be like a siren’s song to republicans. The paying of tithes was commanded in the Old Covenant Law of Moses, and apparently, that was the first Old Covenant law brought back at some point in time after the apostles and disciples left this world. The Church has been turned into big business, and it might already be too big to fail.

The paying of tithes is mentioned several times in the New Covenant, but in every instance, it is mentioned in a historic context. Under the Old Covenant, God’s people were required to pay tithes, but Jesus prohibits the paying of tithes under His New Covenant. The free gift of grace is the very foundation of the New Covenant, and requiring His followers to do a work to receive it, like paying tithes, would nullify His offer of that free gift.

The teaching that God the Father will bless those who pay tithes is completely false. God the Father will not bless any action that is contrary to the New Covenant of His Son. Paying tithes is a work of Old Covenant law (Heb. 7:5), and Apostle Paul said that those who justify themselves by a work of the law are fallen from grace (Gal. 5:4).

Mr. Shultz, you have done hundreds, if not thousands, of stories in which you expose the lies and hypocrisies of the republicans, but nobody has done the story on the Republican Party’s false claim to having high Christian values, not even when the republicans accused the President of the United States of not being a real Christian. I strongly urge you to consult experts in Theology and expose the lies and hypocrisies of that claim.

Mr. Shultz, if you show Christians how they are being misled and manipulated by the Republican Party, the most devout followers of Jesus will abandon that Party, and all that will be left in that Party is a bunch of greedy rich people who will do anything for more money for themselves. You would be doing a tremendous service to both God and country.


Russell Marcum