Tug Valley travels to Meadow Bridge

By Kyle Lovern

September 5, 2014

By Kyle Lovern


NAUGATUCK - The Tug Valley High School football team hit the road this week for the long trip to Meadow Bridge in Raleigh County.

The Panthers opened the season last week with a 20-14 road win over the Sherman Tide.

Coach Tony Clusky was pleased with the win, but at the same time he knows there is improvement to be made.

“I’m happy with the way we started the game, up 14-0 early,” Clusky said. “We’ve got to get better on special teams. With school starting earlier, it has put us a little behind. It took away some practice time in August. This is a big game this week. We need to be solid in all phases of the game. Our conditioning should be better in Week Two.”

Meadow Bridge was a top 10 team last year and playoff team.

Tug Valley will have junior Tyler Conley at quarterback, Phillip Lucas at fullback, Justin Baisden and Aaron Copley at halfback and freshman Jeremy Dillon will be used at different positions.

“Dillon played really well, and he has to be on the field,” Clusky said of the youngster.

The Panthers have an experienced line including Dalton Spaulding (5-foot-9, 240 pounds) and Dwayne Marcum (6-4, 220) and junior Dusty Mills (6-5, 270).

The Panthers are hoping to rebound from a 3-7 record of last year.

The win over Sherman last week got things started in the right direction.