McConnell Tabernacle honors pastor

Staff Report

Anita and Rev. Keith McClung

McCONNELL, W.Va. — Members and friends of the McConnell Tabernacle honored their pastor, Rev. Keith McClung and his wife, Anita, on Saturday, October 29, 2016, with a harvest/Thanksgiving themed dinner to show appreciation for their many years of ministry to the congregation and local community.

Decorations provided by Phyllis Henderson and Carolyn Kelly were autumn colored tablecloths sprinkled with beautiful silk leaves and an assortment of seasonal arrangements. Tea lights accented each table to give a soft glow to the beautiful setting.

Those present to honor and show appreciation to the pastor and his wife were Carolyn Kelly; Cindy Toler; Kenny Maynard; Abby Maynard; Melanie P. Chapman; Richard Clevenger; Charlotte Chapman; Steve Chapman; Phyllis S. Henderson; Larry Bledsoe; Sheila Bledsoe; Rosella Hensley; Eugene Hensley; Cindy McClung; Hannah Thompson; Merl Thompson; Tammy Thompson; Ardith Epperhart; Donna Vaughn; Brenton Vaughn; Christabella Vaughn; Joyce Bannister; Jeremy Bannister; Rema Butcher; Clara Maynard; Barbara Harrison; Bobbie Robinette, and the honorees, Keith and Anita McClung.

Anita and Rev. Keith McClung and Rev. Keith McClung

Staff Report

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