Family holds 100th reunion

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Family attending the 100th reunion of the Carter and Mullins family.

The Carter and Mullins Family’s 100th reunion was held Sept. 20, 2015, at the Carter Cemetery at mouth of Hoover on Harts Creek.

The oldest attending was Inez Carter Frye, 86, of Logan, W.Va. The youngest attending was Finn David Copley, 20-months old, the son of Jacob and Kaitlyn Copley of Omar, W.Va. Traveling the greatest distance to attend was Steve and April Browning of Augusta, S.C.

Those attending were: Alan Barker; Louvenie Barker; Linda Adams McCloud; Franklin Carter; Audra McCloud Carter; Nora A. Kelly; William Payne; Michelle Payne; Jeremiah Noah Payne; Heath Hill Payne; Steve Payne; Deb Payne; Brandon Sherer; Carl Carter; George Carter; Tonya Morrison; Terri Morrison; Rachael Kelly; Raymond Kelly; Larwence Wallace; Inis Carter Adams; Kaitlyn Copley; Finn David Copley; Dewey R. Tomblin; Sandi Tomblin; Thelma Toler Tomblin and Leslie Workman.

Susie Smith; Alicia Grimmett; Leonard Carter; Mazie Carter; Anita Robinson; Crystal Carter Vance; David L. Bryant; Inez Carter Frye; Candace Adams; Nora Kelly; Jiny Kenny; Kernie Tomblin; Debbie Kelly; Darelle White; Maggie White; Elvis Baisden; Debra Baisden; Charlie Robinson; Marie Robinson; Jimmy Carter; Terri Carter; Cookie Copley; Courtney Maynard Blevins; Liam Blevins; Rylee Brown; Sally Baisden Maynard; Payton Lambert; Lewis Baisden; Columbus Workman; Iretta Carter Marcum and Kelly Patton.

Tina Marcum Robinette; Jerry Robinette; Sue Marcum Bryant; Billy Hicks; Jon Patton; Jennifer Patton; Lea Ann White; Rodney White; Johnny Carter; Troy Blevins Jr.; Joanna Blevins; Carol Blevins; Jacob Blevins; Jill Blevins; Harmon Carter; Pauline Carter; Shirley Souders; Geneva Carter Grey; Earl Tomblin; Carl Tomblin; Betty Marcum; Jason Teasley; Shannon Vance; Kristy Finley; Vella Finley; Jerry Robinette; Barry Carter; Karen Carter; Lassie Blackburn; Charles Clinton Carter; Wilma Adams Carter; Josh Carter Adams; Steve Browning; April Carter Browning; Serena Browning; Chris Coffee; William Workman and Glen Tomblin.

Family attending the 100th reunion of the Carter and Mullins family. attending the 100th reunion of the Carter and Mullins family.

Staff Report

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