Logan High homecoming parade Thursday

Staff Report

Logan High School will have their homecoming parade Thursday, October 15, beginning at 6 p.m.

The parade will begin in front of the Logan Middle School, go through to Water Street, Main Street, Holland Lane and down Stratton Street back to the Island. All parade entries should be in line by 5:30 p.m. There will be supervisors on the Island to assist.

Logan Wildcats will play the John Marshall Monarchs at 7:30 p.m. Friday in the annual homecoming game.

Parade participants include:

1. Logan City Police

2. LHS ROTC Color Guard


4. Logan Fire Department

5. Logan Fire Department (LHS Football Team)

6. Logan Fire Department (LHS Football Team)


8. Mayor of Logan Serafino Nolletti

9. Miss WV Freedom Festival Lindsey Ellis, Miss WV Teen Freedom Festival Haley Mullins

10. Holden Raiders Cheerleaders A

11. Holden Raiders Cheerleaders B

12. Holden Raiders Cheerleaders C

13. Holden Raiders Football A

14. Holden Raiders Football B

15. Holden Raiders Football C

16. Logan High Volleyball Team Truck

17. Logan High Book Club

18. Logan Shriner’s Club

19. Logan Wildcats Midget League Cheerleaders

20. Logan Wildcats Midget League A Team Football

21. Logan Wildcats Midget League B Team Football

22. Logan Wildcats Midget League C Team Football

23. Appalachian Power Company – (Lovie the Lightning Bug)

24. Logan Middle Volleyball Team (Logan Fire Department)

25. Logan Middle Tennis Team

26. Logan Middle Cheerleaders (Henlawson Fire Department)

27. Logan Middle 5th Grade Attendant (McKenna Ooten)

28. Logan Middle 5TH Grade Attendant (Jenna Tomblin)

29. Logan Middle 6th Grade Attendant (Tomi Bias)

30. Logan Middle 6TH Grade Attendant (Peyton Ilderton)

31. Logan Middle 7TH Grade Attendant (Jaida Frye)

32. Logan Middle 7TH Grade Attendant (Emma Vinson)

33. Logan Middle 8th Grade Attendant (Whitney Estes)

34. Logan Middle 8th Grade Attendant (Dawn White)

35. Logan Middle Homecoming Queen – (Erin Gore)

36. Logan Middle Band

37. Coalfield Youth Soccer (Stephanie Ooten)

38. Coalfield Youth Soccer (White Lightning)

39. Coalfield Youth Soccer (Strikers)

40. New Day Family Worship Center

41. Freshmen Class President (Alexis Perry)

42. Freshmen Class Vice President (Heather Meade)

43. Freshmen Class Secretary (Dylan Woolsey)

44. Freshmen Class Treasurer (Lexi Canterbury)

45. Freshmen Class Historian (Kolby Kinney)

46. Freshmen Chaplain (Chase Ooten)

47. Freshmen Float (“…They Play Like a Monarch”)

48. Main Island Creek Fire Truck (Southern Elite All-Elite Cheerleaders)

49. Main Island Creek Fire Department Truck (Southern Elite Cheerleaders)

50. Sophomore Class President (Hadiya Bartley)

51. Sophomore Class Vice President (Cameron Porter)

52. Sophomore Class Secretary (Kristyn Frye)

53. Sophomore Class Treasurer (Tia Jeffery)

54. Sophomore Class Historian (Matt Brown)

55. Sophomore Class Chaplain (Paige Fields)

56. Sophomore Class Attendance Officer (Lauren Browning)

57. Cheeriffic All-Stars

58. Cheeriffic All-Stars

59. WV Softball Team 8u

60. Community in Unity Truck

61. Junior Class President (Jarrett Adkins)

62. Junior Class Vice President (Grace Bannister)

63. Junior Class Secretary (Stephanie Curry)

64. Junior Class Treasurer (Larra Elkins)

65. Junior Class Historian (Cody Adkins)

66. Junior Class Sergeant at Arms (Stephanie Eplin)

67. Junior Class Chaplain (Hannah Ellis)

68. Junior Class Float (Dethrone the Monarchs)

69. Logan Little League All Stars 9/10 Year Olds

70. Wendy’s Restaurant

71. Logan County Prevention Coalition

72. Senior Class President (Brandon Bobo Hensley)

73. Senior Class Vice President (Christian Porter)

74. Senior Class Secretary (Sami Simson)

75. Senior Class Treasurer (Alex Wooten)

76. Senior Class Historian (Emily Bryant)

77. Senior Class Sergeant at Arms (Ashla Jeffers)

78. Senior Class Chaplain (Logan Adkins)

79. Senior Class Attendance Officer (Savannah Parsons)

80. Senior Class Float (The Crazy Train to Victory)

81. FCA

82. Logan High Prayer Club

83. Mr. Wildcat – Nathan Smith

84. Freshman Class Attendant – (Lauren Ramey)

85. Freshman Class Attendant – (Kailee White)

86. Sophomore Class Attendant – (Kenna Jeffery)

87. Sophomore Class Attendant – (Stephanie McCloud)

88. Junior Class Attendant – (Shelbee Balentine)

89. Junior Class Attendant – (Elayna Marcum)

90. Senior Class Attendant – (Brooklyn Queen)

91. Senior Class Attendant – (Janie Walsh)

92. LHS Homecoming Queen 2015 – (Monica Mitchell)

93. LHS Band

94. LHS Cheerleaders


Staff Report

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