How to cook a Turkey – Pre-K Style

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Man Elementary School Pre-K students.

MAN, W.Va. — Pre-K students at Man Elementary share their expert advice on how to cook a turkey. We hope you enjoy their unique recipes.

Colton A. — Papaw Johnny cooks my turkey. Papaw Johnny gets it up in the holler and my Daddy gets a turkey at a zoo. Papaw gets a big turkey, Mamaw Sherry cook it with the oven. She puts it in a pan and gets it done and me and Papaw love turkey. I don’t like nothing on it, just clean, you cut it up in little pieces and eat it.

Patrick A. — Papaw cooks turkey. He cooks it on the stove for five days. I like my turkey like Spider-Man, he likes it sour. Papaw makes potatoes and chicken too. My mom gave me a turkey leg at home and I ate it. I’m going to eat Papaw’s turkey too.

Santiago A. — Mommy fixes turkey from the garden. She cooks it for 10 minutes on the grill. It has sour cream and everything on it. We eat it with peppers, sour cream and apples. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is giving stuff away.

Anna B. — My Nanny make my Thanksgiving turkey. She gets it at the Dollar Store, it is big. She bakes it for 40 minutes. She puts broccoli with it. She puts it on the table and my Pappy cuts it. I like mashed potatoes with turkey. Every time on Thanksgiving we get my Mickey Mouse train out, it’s a train you take orders.

Colton B. — Mommy cooks turkey.

Braxton B. — Papaw cooks the turkey, he cooks it on the grill for five minutes. He puts salt on it. He don’t do anything else. I like ketchup with turkey.

Noah C. — I don’t eat turkey, I eat chicken. Sometimes we buy it at the Dollar Store, my Papaw cooks me chicken. He cooks it plain.

Mack C. — Um, my turkey comes from the woods. Daddy shoots it with a bow. We take it home on the four wheeler, then we knife it up. We get all the bones out and blood out. Then Mommy cooks it, she puts it in the microwave and cuts the legs. Then we eat it. We eat sausage and pizza pepperoni with turkey.

Elijah C. — My Mommy cooks Thanksgiving turkey. Her go to my Mamaw’s, then her cooks my turkey on the stove for 30 minutes. Then her gets it out, then puts it on a pan, then her eat it. I like ranch and sour cream and ketchup on my turkey. I like to ride bikes on Thanksgiving.

Xander G. — My MeeMaw makes it with the stove and with some milk, some cookies and some eggs. She puts some delicious fries on it. She cooks it with an oven mitt. She puts it on the plate and I eat it. I like to eat cake with my turkey.

Leland G. — My Mommy and my Daddy do it. They put sauce on it and chicken and macaroni and potatoes. They cook it on the grill for one minute. Then we eat it with cheese. We invite our friends over and our grandparents and our buddies.

Bentley H. — Mommy cooks turkey. She gets it at Wal-Mart, it’s $2. She brings it home and cooks it on the stove for four minutes. She puts eggs and mustard on it and that’s all. I like mustard on my turkey and jelly and peanut butter. I like to eat on Thanksgiving, that’s all.

Cameron L. — My Mommy cooks. She makes me pizza and turkey. You have to eat one.

Zackary R. — Me and Mommy cook turkey. Her let me put salt on it and Mommy lets me push the button and her cook it. We just turn the oven on and cook it. I like to eat pizza and breadsticks on Thanksgiving.

Zachary S. — My Papaw makes my Turkey. He gets it in the mountains and kills it. He scrapes it and then him takes it home and puts it on the stove. He cuts it with a knife and puts salt on it, then we eat it. I like to eat mac and cheese with it. I like Nana to eat some of it and I let my dog in the house and he can eat some of it when I drop some.

Travis V. — I think Mommy cooks it… I don’t know, but it has to be somebody. I think she gets it at Wal-Mart, I think it is $10. I don’t know but I think she cooks it with salt, maybe. I bet she cooks it in the oven for 4 minutes. I don’t like turkey. I like to eat cookies for Thanksgiving.

Taytem W. — Daddy cooks the turkey, gets it from the grocery store and it costs 30 months. Next, he takes it home and cooks it. He cooks it with his hands, he spins it around. He puts white sauce on it and me and Daddy eat it.

Gracie W. — My Daddy gets my turkey at Wal-Mart, it cost nine, $50. He get his car and drives home. Him bake it in the oven for 19 minutes. He puts it on plates with mashed potatoes and broccoli. I like to drink my Daddy’s pop. I like Thanksgiving because you get to eat broccoli and chicken.

Mrs. Whitney Preston is the Pre-K teacher, Mrs. Johanna Walker and Mrs. Linda Blankenbeckler are teacher assistants and Mrs. Linda Burgess is principal at Man Elementary.

Man Elementary School Pre-K students. Elementary School Pre-K students.

Staff Report

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