Clerk releases May divorces

Martha Sparks - [email protected]

LOGAN, W.Va. — Logan County Circuit Clerk Vickie Kolota has released the listing of divorces and annulments finalized during the month of May 2016.

Robert Harold Herndon, 49, and Cynthia Lynn Curnutte, 47

Jeremy Ray Vance, 33, and Tiffany White, 33

Trevie Richard Oney Jr., 44, and April Jean Shell, 42

David Lee Chapman II, 37, and Criste Anna McCloud, 36

Eric Keith Meadows, 35, and Brandi Tenelle Fulton, 33

Jeffrey Russell Carpenter, 47, and Nancy Helen McKinney, 44

Matthew Brian Robinson, 33, and Kaci Dawn Addison, 28

Dean Alan Mullins, 30, and Ashley Nichole White, 28

Earl Matthew Browning, 28, and Megan Lee Brewer, 25

Michael Ray York, 61, and Robin Marie Boyd, 58

Michael Aubrey Adkins, 42, and Jillian Amanda Farley, 36

Martha Sparks

[email protected]


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