Kazee family reunion held June 25

Staff Report

HENLAWSON, W.Va. — The descendents of Richards and Winnie Bays Kazee gathered at Chief Logan State Park Saturday, June 25, for their annual family reunion.

Those attending included: Gary Browning of Texas; Larry and Stephanie Kazee and Mickey and Joyce Senator, all of Georgia; Marilyn Perry, Briana Wright, Jarrod Kazee, Michele Perry and Rush Perry, and Billy and Susan Kazee, all of South Carolina; Jeremy Perry, Susie Perry, Noah Wright, Morgan Wright, Daniele Letcelter, Jordan Miller, and Dylann Letcelter, all of Virginia; and James Kazee Jr., Marcia Blass, Ann Smeltzer, Brian Kazee, Brian Kazee Jr. Sam Kazee, Jack and Jane Kelley, John Kelley, David Kazee, Jenny Copley, Kensey Kazee, Kendra Kazee, and Maddox Kazee, all of Ohio.

From North Carolina came Bridgett Flyn, Eric Castillo, Alyssa Castillo and Aubrey Castillo, and from West Virginia was Mickey Christian, Ashley Senator, Payton Senator, Carla Fillinger Cassidy Kazee, Sammi Kazee, Roni Kazee, Art Adkins, Karen Adkins Harmic, Joe Harmic, Connie Kazee Gallion, Robbie Gallion, John Perry, Kat Perry, Paul Kazee, Lynda Kazee Cook, Zachary Hayden, Jamie Browning, Kim Stone, Tabitha Long, Bob Lewingdon, Gavin Lewingdon, Gunnar Lewingdon, Michael, Carmello Browning, Demi Evans, Donnie McKinney, Trent Whitlock Nikki Browning, Bubby Sandy, Thomas Browning, Elizabeth Kazee Williams, Hailie Williams Crissy, and Robert and Dominick Maynor.

Staff Report


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