McConnell native to visit home church

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McCONNELL, W.Va. — Sunday, September 11 at 10:30 a.m., Randy Pizzino will be speaking at the First Baptist Church of McConnell — the church he grew up in as a preacher’s kid. Pizzino was blessed of God with Christian parents who gave him faithful nurture in the truths of the word.

Pizzino’s father, Joe, was a successful pastor in the 1950s at McConnell. His close relationship with his dad was used of God to teach Pizzino many practical lessons on pastoral ministry.

Pizzino marks his conversion in the summer of his 16th year, and that conversion was followed, almost immediately, with opportunities to speak publicly in youth meetings and church services. His formal training for the ministry came in five years of study at Piedmont Baptist College at Winston-Salem, N. C. His first pastorate of eight years in Staunton, Va., was followed by the remainder of his 41 years of pastoral ministry in the Roanoke Valley of Virginia. Most of these Roanoke years were given to establishing and maturing one congregation, Trinity Church. The Roanoke years began in serving with Jack Arnold at Grace Church, and the Pizzinos are now grateful to return to Grace Church as members, serving Equipping Pastors International with the encouragement of Pastor Tim Martin and the elders of Grace Church.

Pizzino and his wife Julie are blessed with three children — two sons and a daughter. Mrs. Pizzino teaches at Faith Christian School in Roanoke, and hopes to travel more in the future to East Africa with her husband.

Pizzino’s entire pastoral ministry has been given to careful study and exposition of Scripture, and he rejoices in the open doors with EPI to impart some of what he has learned — and continues to learn — to pastors in East Africa, and wherever the Lord will guide his steps in the future.

For more information, call Pastor John E. Godby at 304-752-7774.

Staff Report

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