New chapanmville council hosts first meeting

The meeting of the Chapmanville Town Council held Tuesday July 13 was the first meeting of the council held since the June 9 election that changed nearly the entire makeup of the governing body of the town of Chapmanville.

Council members Tony Robison, Chad Neil, Robin Adams Mutters and Sadie Anne Christian and Attorney Rob Kuenzel were present. Councilman Ben DesRocher and town recorder Tammy Hensley Hazlett were not present.

Mayor Jerry Price called the meeting to order after a prayer and the pledge of allegiance. During new business, each council member was given the chance to voice their concerns. Robison stated he would like to go over the business and occupation (B&O) taxes for the town and see where any gaps in collection could be remedied. Adams Mutters agreed with Robison adding, “We really need to care of that because no business is different from another. I thought about a B&O audit to go along with our regular town audit. We need to try to see who is paying and who is not paying.”

During public addresses to the council, Taylor Killen, a member of the Chapmanville Regional High School (CRHS) track and field team, spoke to the council about the possibility of installing a rubber track around the newly constructed football field. Killen explained her intent of obtaining a letter of support from the Chapmanville Town Council saying, “I’m here today asking for support on Thursday as I go to the board of education office requesting they help us get a new rubber track.”

Killen elucidated the possible positive outcomes for a new track by pointing out that the track would allow CRHS to host track and field events rather than having to travel to events. Killen also explained, if the new track were installed while the project to install field turf at CRHS was still in progress, the county could possibly save $114,000 in construction costs. Killen also stated she had a business ready to donate 50,000 tires to be recycled for the construction of the track.

Price explained he would provide Killen with a letter of support saying, “I would be more than than happy to. I don’t think our kids should have to travel to every game.”

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