Logan’s garbage, B&O rates increase

The City of Logan council met Tues., July 14. Pictured are, from left, Town Attorney Kendal Partlow, Mayor Serafino Nolletti and Council member Jay Mullins.

The Logan City Council approved two proposals from last month, effectively raising the rates for garbage pick-up in the city as well as an increase in business and occupation taxes.

The first part of the July council meeting was set aside for public comments on the proposals — which had been reported in The Logan Banner and had been advertised in the legal ads section. However, no one showed up at the meeting except reporters and city employees. And there were less of those than usual as some were recovering from a week’s hard work at the annual WV Freedom Festival, while others were concerned about a warning of 80 mile per hour winds headed toward Logan County.

“We have about an hour before it hits this area,” said Logan Fire Chief Scott Beckett.

On August the 1st the rates for garbage pick-up will increase from $19 a month for residential customers to $24 per month. Former mayor Tom Esposito noted the town was finding out the hard way that there was not enough money to pay for the service under the old rates, which necessitated the proposal.

“This will allow the City of Logan to continue to provide those services at a lower rate than they could get from somebody else,” Esposito said, noting that commercial rates will also increase and will be higher than residential customers. Esposito said the city has around 540 residential customers and 96 business customers. Esposito also discussed the B&O Tax rate increase.

City Accountant Jeff Valet said the town was looking into ways to reduce costs and expenses while raising revenues. Mayor Serafino Nolletti noted it had been several years since B&O taxes or city fees had been raised. Valet noted that the town was hit hard last month with workers compensation premiums and this month employee insurance premiums would be due.

“July is usually a tough month for us,” Valet said.

“As with everybody else our cost of living has gone up,” Nolletti agreed. “Our expenses go up every year. None of us want to raise anything. But running a city is like running a business. You have to pass on the expenses.”

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