Sidewalk project preps for discovery of burial sites

Mayor Serafino Nolletti

In preparation for an upcoming project to install new sidewalks in the city of Logan, city, county, state and federal representatives met at Logan City Hall Wednesday July 15 to discuss the possibility of discovering Native American burial sites while carrying out the project.

Mayor Logan Serafino Nolletti reports the meeting included members from the city and county governments of Logan as well representatives from the W.Va. Department of Highways and the federal Department of Highways.

Nolletti explained, “When the new state office was built, they found a Native American burial site. We are trying to make sure that everything is done the right way with the Native American tribal nations. There are 19 tribes that have been established throughout the country. Information about this sidewalk project will be sent out to all those tribes, and we might have somebody respond from all 19 or might not have anybody respond. These sidewalks have been replaced several times over the last 100 years, and the deepest that will be dug will only be 30 inches. We don’t think there will be any bones found.”

In the event Native American remains are discovered during the course of the sidewalk project, an archaeologist will be on call to properly investigate the site.

Nolletti went on to explain that the sidewalk project is set to completed in several phases and the sidewalks will feature the brick inlays and lamp posts currently found at the new state building downtown.

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