West Logan street problem solved

J.D. Charles - Contributing Writer

WEST LOGAN, W.Va. — One long term problem in the town of West Logan just got a temporary solution. Part of the street near the mouth of Hicks Hollow has been washing out removing the ground itself from beneath the road. On Monday the West Virginia Division of Highways came to town and made a temporary repair to it.

“This won’t fix it permanently, but it will get us through the winter,” said resident Dave Hicks who lives there.

West Logan Police Chief Robert Ward said that Third Avenue has become worse where the road is caving in and said it would not be possible to get the town’s snowplow and salt truck up there this winter.

Ward said the truck was recently repaired but the people at the garage said that it would likely only last through this winter. Ward said that routinely barrels of salt were delivered there to residents who could scatter it on the road in the winter.

“That might be a bad idea,” Dave Hicks said. “The calcium carbonate the Department of Highways uses is very rough on paving and the ground and anything else it comes in contact with to be honest. If you put calcium carbonate down you are going to have even worse problems with the road slipping. It will just make it worse.”

When one councilmember asked Hicks what could be put down he noted there were several options including sand and fine gravel.

Police Chief Robert Ward said there had been a little more activity in November than normal.

“We had no reported automobile accidents in November and only one call for assistance by a motorist, but we did have an arrest on a domestic incident,” Ward said. “One of the people went to jail for 14 days. Two weeks later we received a call from the same residence… It boiled down to a man and a woman who were holding each other’s personal possessions hostage from each other.”

J.D. Charles

Contributing Writer

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