Election year comes back to West Logan

J.D. Charles - Contributing Writer

WEST LOGAN, W.Va. — Just when you thought election news was over the town of West Logan will be holding its own routine election this summer!

Councilman Mark Mareske said he had begun getting emails from the state about the matter and noted that this year’s West Logan election could be very different.

Mareske said there was a proposal afloat that would allow early voters in West Logan to vote via the US Mail so they did not have to actually come to town hall for a vote like in years past.

“If we go that route it will be as part of a pilot program,” Mareske said, noting the election is scheduled for June 13.

“This is something we will discuss at next month’s regular council meeting,” Mareske told The Logan Banner following a longer than usual meeting.

Town Attorney Steven Wolfe said that he had looked into the matter of assessing a value for town hall and came up empty handed. The matter came up following an audit last year.

“It was so long ago and it was not required back then because it was tax exempt,” Wolfe said. “But it is possible that you could come up with an assessment of its value based on a similarly sized structure in the same area.”

Mareske noted that the building next door should be perfect for that as it was about the same size and was as close as could be to town hall in location and size.

In other West Logan news, Town Clerk Mark Mareske noted that even though the town went into the hole financially for November, it was still on budget for the year.

“We faced some repair bills on town vehicles and we got hit with an insurance premium,” Mareske said. “For the year to date we are breaking even, but we had more expenditures this past month than we had money coming in.” The repairs and the premium totaled over $4,000. Other bills for December were $2,953. The town’s fiscal year runs from June to May instead of January to December.

J.D. Charles

Contributing Writer

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