Business as usual at Logan city hall

J.D. Charles - Contributing Writer

LOGAN, W.Va. — It was business as usual Tuesday night at Logan City Hall as the mayor and council members discussed ongoing projects and challenges in the dealings of a West Virginia town.

City Accountant Jeff Vallet noted that the town had $53,000 in bills to be paid this month — with the top expenditures being for insurance premiums and tipping fees at the dump, along with other routine costs. Vallet noted that income was down in November, which is normal in most towns and said he hoped that December would be a better month for the city.

Tom Esposito did not have much in the way of an update on long-term Federal Emergency Management Agency projects the town has been dealing with after a few massive storms in recent years. Esposito and others have literally waded through a river of paperwork in getting the projects approved and worked on over the past few years. He noted that he had spoken with Eddie Joe Canterbury at Logan Bank and Trust about a long term proposed sidewalk paving project (which has been halted in its tracks due bureaucratic delays in Charleston) but that neither he nor the bank had any updates about the matter.

Council members and the mayor expressed dismay at the hold-up on the project and several said they are hoping that with a new administration in place in January in both Washington and Charleston, they hope to receive more help from higher authorities.

“Hopefully 2017 will be a better year,” said Mayor Serafino Nolleti.

Mayor Nolletti said that city clerk Amber Miller-Viars was appointed to the West Virginia Municipal League Legislative Committee, which lobbies the state legislature on behalf of proposed legislation that could benefit towns and cities across the Mountain State. Mayor Nolletti said there are two upcoming items that could affect or benefit Logan.

“One of these is about dilapidated structures, which is an issue that we have worked on for many years,” the mayor said. “The other is about a proposed sidewalk liability bill.” Other items include grant applications for a proposed set of boat ramps and a proposal to move forward on a paving project.

“Step by step, we are moving forward,” Mayor Nolletti said.

Kevin Marcum said the city’s street department is getting things ready to deal with the upcoming winter weather season.

J.D. Charles

Contributing Writer

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer and a former reporter for The Logan Banner.

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer and a former reporter for The Logan Banner.

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