Man Town Hall to get an overhaul

By JD Charles - Freelance Writer

MAN, W.Va. — Town Hall in Man may be getting an overhaul pretty soon courtesy of the state….

Mayor Jim Blevins received approval to enter into an agreement for a proposed Town Hall improvement project and to sign necassary documents for the upgrades to the building.

Several years ago solar power panels were installed in Man Town Hall that lowered the town’s monthly energy bills. The project came about when longtime Man businessman and former councilmember the late Darryl Mangrum worked on a grant to obtain the solar panels for town hall. As Mangrum and the town council found out, the project wound up working better than expected. It was initially believed that as much as 30 percent of the town’s electric bill could be saved thanks to the solar panels when the weather was clear…However after they had been installed for awhile the council members found out that the number was closer to 40 percent except in the dead of winter when the skies are overcast.

Mayor Jim Blevins said that he wanted to move the panels and install a metal roof and do some other upgrades to the town. The project would be paid for with a grant from the state.

If approved, the new project would find a contractor to remove the panels and install a new metal roof then replace the solar panels.

The mayor said that if there is any funds left over when the project is done he wants to use them to paint town hall.

Blevins explained that he had a letter of committment from the state government for the $25,000 upgrade and said he needed to commit $2,500 in matching funds for it.

“We want to thank Governor Tomblin for this improvement to town hall,” Mayor Blevins said. “He has been very good to the citizens and the town of Man.”

By JD Charles

Freelance Writer

JD Charles is a freelance writer for Civitas Media and a former reporter for the Logan Banner.

JD Charles is a freelance writer for Civitas Media and a former reporter for the Logan Banner.


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