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By Christopher Williams - WCHS/WVAH TV

LOGAN, W.Va. (WCHS/WVAH) — This building in Holden, which is in Logan County, is nearly 100 years old. It’s getting a makeover on the inside. Much like the building, the men living here also are going through a big change.

“It starts off more as a drug rehab because we help people get off drugs, but we help them deal with the core root issues. We teach them the word of God,” said Life Changers Community Outreach Center employee David Font.

Font works for Life Changers, but at one point in his life, Font was homeless in Columbus, addicted to drugs.

“I was addict for over 20 years, heavily. I was a crack/cocaine user, heroin,” Font said.

Font tried a few different types of rehabilitation, but none stuck. Until he found Life Changers, a faith-based rehab center.

“About 80-90 percent of the people who come in our program are because of a fundraiser,” Font said.

Life Changers is free to the men and women in treatment. Every weekend these guys do fundraisers and hand out fliers to people in front of stores. On every flier is the number for the intake coordinator.

“People seeing firsthand, giving our testimonies. ‘Hey, this is where I was, this is where I am. This program works,” said Darin Slater, who also works for Life Changers.

After graduation from the 12-month program, participants are offered a job with Life Changers. They also are offered a chance to further your education in ministry through Oral Roberts University.

“This program saved my life, and I see it saving people’s lives every day,” Font said.

To contact the intake coordinator at the men’s center in Logan County, call 304- 953-3959. The intake coordinator at the women’s center in Beckley can reached at 304- 953-3987.

By Christopher Williams


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