Mitchell Heights makes improvements

By J.D. Charles - Freelance Writer

MITCHELL HEIGHTS, W.Va. — The town of Mitchell Heights held it’s quarterly Safety and Loss Control meeting Monday night during the Jan. 23 meeting of the town’s council.

Mayor James “Cliff” Motes and members of the council discussed several extensive recent improvements the town had made, following comments late last fall. At that time the steps leading up to the second floor of the building were in poor shape and the banister safety rail was wobbly. However by the January meeting the steps had been repaired and weatherproofed and the banisters was solidly affixed and sturdy.

Those repairs leading up to Town Hall itself were not the only improvements made noted Mayor Motes who discussed the proposal to upgrade the basement of the facility which also became a reality.

The downstairs area was initially requested to be fixed up by the Logan County Commission so that future elections could be held in it. Being on the first floor it would be easier for handicapped individuals and people with mobility problems to access than the upstairs section where town hall has been located for the past few years.

“This meeting is a formality,” Mayor Motes said of the Safety and Loss Control meeting, noting that there were no outstanding liabilities since the previous quarterly meeting and that some of the other improvements had not been discussed recently.

Town Accountant Jeff Valet pointed out the town had purchased a snow plow and Councilman Justin Brown pointed out that most of the guard rails around the town had been repaired.

“These two additions are things that will help keep our community safer in inclement weather,” Motes said adding that the problems with the banisters and steps had also been suitably addressed to the satisfaction of the community and the council.

“We fixed things up downstairs so we can also have public meetings there and possibly council meetings, if need be. ….We have made quite a few improvements.”

Mayor Motes pointed out that the curbs around town had also been painted and the town’s police cruiser had added a radar unit, new lights and a radio.

Councilman Justin Brown said one section of the rail was all that was left needing to be replaced. Mayor Motes said the contractors who did that sort of work were shut down for the winter.

“We will revisit that in the spring,” he added.

By J.D. Charles

Freelance Writer

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer for Civitas Media and a former reporter for the Logan Banner.

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer for Civitas Media and a former reporter for the Logan Banner.

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