LMAMH: A reliable workforce for area businesses

Press Release

LOGAN, W.Va. — There is now a new innovative program that provides a strong workforce for local employers. A.C.E.S. is the Logan Mingo Area Mental Health (LMAMH) Customized Employment program. Serving one person at a time—and one business at a time—the LMAMH Customized Employment program is a process for individualizing the employment relationship between an employee and a local employer in ways that meet the needs of both.

Supported employment utilizes the help of our consumers, along with professional job coaches, family members, and co-workers to maintain a satisfactory employment relationship between the employer and employee. One great thing is that the employees in this innovative program tend to have a better than average reliability and enthusiasm for their job—representing an available and reliable workforce for southern West Virginia employers.

With this program there is also a tax incentive to consider. There is a Work Opportunity Tax Credit for businesses who participate. Please contact A.C.E.S. for details.

“We hope to get the word out about this wonderful program and start finding jobs for our consumers, as we introduce a reliable workforce for area businesses,” said LMAMH A.C.E.S. program manager Shawn Kiser. “We are seeking employers that are willing to work with us in this exciting venture. We need area businesses to participate with us to create customized job positions for our consumer base through supportive employment.”

The program is being considered a “win-win” program, which encourages LMAMH consumers while it also assists and enhances local communities and businesses.

For additional details about A.C.E.S. and Customized Employment Program, please call Shawn Kiser, BS. at Logan Mingo Area Mental Health at 304-792-7130, or email her directly at [email protected] for additional information.



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