Local family’s car stolen by fugitives

Kanawha County murder suspects made their way to the Tug Valley area

By Kendra Mahon - [email protected]

Bobby Hall

Misty Rucker

TURKEY CREEK, Ky. – One local family had a bad start to their day early Wednesday morning.

Scott and Renee Dillion’s vehicle was stolen from their driveway by a man, later confirmed to be wanted in connection of a deadly shooting in Charleston.

Police departments throughout WV had been actively searching for Bobby Hall, 42, of Elkview and Misty Rucker, 38, both were wanted on first degree murder warrants after Timothy Jett, 55, was shot and killed on Garrison Avenue in Charleston Tuesday evening. Audrey Short, 38, was wounded in the shooting and is listed in critical condition.

Wednesday morning Scott Dillon went out to start his 2002 Jeep Cherokee, to let it idle. Dillon said, “It was a nice morning and I was having a cup of coffee before leaving and I heard the door of the jeep shut “really hard,” at first I thought it was my wife, but then I saw the vehicle start to back out and I immediately chased after it. I caught up with the vehicle and started beating on the driver’s side door glass, the guy stopped at the neighbor’s house above me and picked up a female who was standing beside the road.”

The Kentucky State Police (KSP) was notified of the incident and within two minutes of the call an officer was on scene. According to Trooper S. Mounts with KSP “Several officers, including myself, stayed in the vicinity for several hours searching for the suspects, it was determined the suspects had either traveled back into West Virginia or had continued traveling south.” The information about the stolen vehicle was relayed back to the authorities in Kanawha County.

While searching the area for the suspects an abandoned car was discovered on Route 292 on the Kentucky side of Nolan which fit the description of the vehicle the suspects were driving when they fled the Charleston area, there were also reports that a man and woman were spotted walking along Route 292 approximately the same time the vehicle was reported stolen.

Trooper Mounts said, “With the time frame of finding the car and other information received, we assumed early on in the investigation there was a connection between the two crimes.”

“I was shown a picture by KSP and told them I was at least 70 percent certain he was the one who had stolen my vehicle, they then showed me a picture of a lady and asked if I recognized her, I told I had only saw her from a distance, but she resembled the lady that was picked up. It was then I was told the people who took my vehicle were most likely the ones wanted for murder out of Charleston,” said Dillon.

According to information obtained from Roane County, W.Va. Sheriff L.T. Cole his department received a tip around 7:30 Wednesday evening stating the vehicle and the suspects were spotted in the Big Otter area of Clay County, shortly after 8:00 p.m. a pursuit was initiated around the Big Otter exit on Interstate 79, the pursuit lasted about 30 miles, down Route 4 near Clay/Clendenin. The Clendenin Police Department set out spike strips in an attempt to stop the vehicle, although the vehicle hit the strip the driver continued on into the Queen Shoals area where a West Virginia State Police cruiser attempted a pit maneuver, again the driver continued until he reached the Valley View Drive area near the Clay/Kanawha County lines.

At this point in the chase a Roane County Sheriff Department cruiser made contact with the suspect’s vehicle, forcing it off the road, the driver of the vehicle lost control and struck a tree while attempting to take off the suspect’s vehicle was struck by a WVSP cruiser.

With the vehicle being disabled, law enforcement from several departments surrounded the vehicle and took the suspects in to custody without incident.

During the telephone conversation with the Williamson Daily News, Dillion said, “At the time I had no idea who I was dealing with, you just don’t know these days who may be out around your house.”

The vehicle, which had only liability insurance, was the Dillions only means of transportation and now the family has to figure out how they are going to manage.

The search for the two murder suspects had intensified following threats police said were made toward law enforcement, Wednesday afternoon, police in Charleston received word that Hall wanted to “go down in history” and was planning on killing ten to 12 officers.

Hall and Rucker were believed to be armed and dangerous and a $10,000 reward had been issued for information leading to the arrests of Hall and Rucker.

Both Hall and Rucker were transported to the hospital to be treated for injuries.

Once released from the hospital the pair were transported to the South Central Regional Jail and arraigned Thursday afternoon.

Bobby Hall
http://loganbanner.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/web1_Bobby-Hall2.jpgBobby Hall

Misty Rucker
http://loganbanner.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/web1_Misty-Rucker2.jpgMisty Rucker
Kanawha County murder suspects made their way to the Tug Valley area

By Kendra Mahon

[email protected]

Kendra Mahon is a reporter for the Williamson Daily News, she can be contacted at [email protected] or 304-235-4242 extension 2278.

Kendra Mahon is a reporter for the Williamson Daily News, she can be contacted at [email protected] or 304-235-4242 extension 2278.

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