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The Aracoma Story Inc. will soon hold auditions this week for two musicals that will make up their “LIVE in the Park” summer season.

Auditions will be held for “Hairspray” and “Grease” on Friday, February 24 from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. and Saturday, February 25 from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. at the West Logan Church of God.

Both shows will be under the direction of Bill France (director) and Robin Bunch Bailey (music director), the team that brought “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast” to the park stage last summer.

Those auditioning are asked to prepare a one minute monologue and one minute of a song from any show. Wear comfortable shoes in case you are asked to learn a portion of a dance. No experience is needed.

Hairspray is an award winning musical based in the 1960s. Hairspray was winner of eight Tony Awards, including Best Musical, is a family-friendly musical, piled bouffant-high with laughter, romance and deliriously tuneful songs.

It’s 1962 in Baltimore, and the lovable plus-size teen Tracy Turnblad has only one desire – to dance on the popular “Corny Collins Show.”

When her dream comes true, Tracy is transformed from social outcast to sudden star. She must use her newfound power to dethrone the reigning Teen Queen, win the affections of heartthrob, Link Larkin, and integrate a TV network… all without denting her ‘do.

Hairspray was a Broadway smash, and has been performed all over the world. The major motion picture and was recently featured as a live action performance on NBC.

This will mark the first time The Aracoma Story Inc. has presented the show on its stage. “Hairspray” will be presented June 8 — 11 and June 15 — 18. All performances will start at 8:30 p.m. at the Liz Spurlock Amphitheater at Chief Logan State Park.

Hairspray Character Breakdown

Tracy Turnblad

Our story’s unsuspecting protagonist is large and in charge. She is full of confidence, talent, and is incredibly determined. A romantic with a good heart and desire to cut up the dance floor. Always on top of the latest trends.

Gender: female

Corny Collins

The charismatic host of the Corny Collins’ Show is good looking and smooth talking, he is a genuinely nice guy both on and off camera.

Gender: male

Edna Turnblad

Tracy’s big, blonde mother is a working housewife who has lost her confidence and dreams of becoming a plus-size clothing designer. Boisterous and commanding. Played by a male in drag.

Gender: male

Penny Pingleton

Tracy’s best friend and dorky sidekick is not the brightest girl, but has good intentions. Bursting to get free of her mother’s dominating control, she falls for Seaweed with childlike curiosity.

Gender: female

Velma Von Tussle

Amber’s mother and the director of Corny Collin’s show is a devious taskmaster and snobby racist. The former Miss Baltimore Crabs will go to any length to ensure her daughter is the next big thing.

Gender: female

Amber Von Tussle

Link’s girlfriend and Tracy’s nemesis is pretty, thin, shallow, snobby, and racist. Can’t dance but is expected to win the Miss Baltimore Hairspray crown. Always feels the need to be the center of attention.

Gender: female

Link Larkin

The star heartthrob on Corny Collins’ show is extremely attractive and talented. Hoping to get his big break with a recording contract, he unexpectedly falls for Tracy.

Gender: male

Seaweed J. Stubbs

Tracy’s classmate and friend, who is discriminated against due to his skin color. He is cocky but surprisingly lovable. Talented in song and dance. He falls for Penny.

Gender: male

Little Inez

Seaweed’s little sister, who is packed with talented and itching to have her big break.

Gender: female

Motormouth Maybelle

Seaweed and Little Inez’s mother who appears as the Guest DJ on the Corny Collin’s Negro Day show. Big, blonde, beautiful and proud of it. She is sassy and confident.

Gender: female

Wilbur Turnblad

Tracy’s simple minded and kind father. He owns a joke shop and supports his daughter in spite of everything else. He also loves his wife, Edna, very much.

Gender: male

Prudy Pingleton

Penny’s strict mother. Very conservative, controlling, and closed minded.

Gender: female

Mr. Spritzer

The head of Ultra Clutch Hairspray who sponsors the Corny Collins Show. His focus is earning money.

Gender: male (but could be played by the right female)


The principal is an authority figure at Tracy’s school.

Gender: male (but could be played by the right female)

Mr. Pinky

Owner of the Hefty Hideaway, the clothing store that asks Tracy to become its spokesperson.

Gender: male (or female)

Gym Teacher

Rude, crude and means business when the bell rings for gym class.

Gender: Female

Corny Collins’ Nicest Kids (Tammy, Brad, Brenda, Sketch, Shelley, IQ, Etc.)

The ensemble is made up of students, protestors, Baltimore residents.

As for the Grease cast, it’s 1959, and Rydell High School’s senior class is in rare form. The too-cool-for-school “T-Birds” are stealing hub-caps and acting tough and their gum-snapping, jacket wearing “Pink Ladies” are looking hot in bobby sox and pedal pushers.

The 1950s high school dream is about to explode in this rollicking musical that is both an homage to the idealism of the fifties and a satire of high schoolers’ age-old desire to be rebellious and provocative.

At the heart of the story is the romance between hot-rodding Danny Zuko and the sweet new girl in town, Sandy Dumbrowski. They had a secret romance in summer, but now back in the context of school, peer-pressure and cliques make their love a bit more complicated. Can Danny maintain his cool dude status and still get make demure Sandy his girl? The whole gang sings and dances around Danny and Sandy’s romance, through such hit songs as “Greased Lightnin’”, “We Go Together”, “Summer Nights”, and “You’re The One That I Want”. recalling the music of Buddy Holly, Little Richard and Elvis Presley that became the soundtrack of a generation. Starting off with an eight-year Broadway run, Grease is among the world’s most popular musicals and has a cult-like following of young and old alike.

Grease Character Breakdown


Sweet, wholesome, innocent and pure. She is new to the school and starts out shy. Gender: female


The leader of the “T-birds” good looking, cool, strong, confident and charming. Gender: male


Leader of the Pink Ladies. She’s tough, sarcastic and outspoken but vulnerable.

Gender: female


Second in command of the boys, tough, avoids any show of softness. Off-beat sense of humor.

Gender: male


Full of mischief but good-hearted, he’s the clown of the group, “anything for a laugh” type.

Gender: male


Member of the T-Birds. Sometimes referred to as a “knucklehead”.

Gender: male


Youngest of the guys. They are boyish, open and have a hero-­‐worship attitude toward the others.

Gender: male


Pretty. fashionable. Looks older than she is, tries to act “sophisticated,”

doesn’t always succeed.

Gender: female


Dreamer, good natured, dumb. Fussy about appearances.

Drops out of school to be a beautician.

Gender: female


Loud and funny with the girls, shy around the boys.

Slightly awkward and loves food and TV.

Gender: female


Head cheerleader. Overly enthusiastic and perky. Loud, confident, sweet and extremely chatty.

Gender: female


The class nerd. Smart beyond his years. Class valedictorian.

Gender: male

Johnny Casino

Slick, loud, greaser who leads a rock n’ roll band and thinks he’s a rock legend.

Gender: male


Distinguished dancer and Danny’s ex-girlfriend. Got kicked out of Rydell

Gender: female

Ms. Lynch

A strict, old-school Principal. She’s been at the school longer than anyone and it shows. Gender: female

Vince Fontain

“Teen audience” radio disc jockey. Slick, egotistical, fast‐talking and smooth.

Gender: male

Teen Angel

“Frankie Avalon” type. Good looks, great voice. He is Frenchy’s guardian angel. Gender: male

Ensemble includes students, angels, and teachers.

The casts in both shows primarily consists of teens and adults, however, there are a limited number of spots for younger children in “Hairspray.”

For more information on auditions and shows visit www.facebook.com/thearacomastory/.

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