WVDEP investigating foam spill on Spuce Fork

Press Release

BLAIR, W.Va. – The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) is investigating the source of foam that can be seen on Spruce Fork in northern Logan County.

WVDEP’s initial investigation into the source is focusing on a Mingo-Logan Coal Company site near Blair, where a deep mine ventilation shaft is being drilled. At this time, it is believed approximately 50 gallons of water mixed with approximately 0.14 gallons of Quik-Foam – a blend of ethanol and isopropyl alcohol and biodegradable soap – was leaked into Spruce Fork.

Quik-Foam is used as lubrication to aid in the drilling process. To dissipate the foam, a de-foaming agent called Nalco is being applied.

The nearest public drinking water intake is more than 50 miles downstream in Lincoln County. No enforcement action has been taken against the coal company at this time.

Based upon the information received by the Bureau for Public Health (BPH), it does not appear that there will be any impact to the drinking water as a result of this incident. However, BPH has notified the Lincoln County PSD of the incident.

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Press Release

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