Property owners being notified by city about sidewalks

By J.D. Charles - Freelace Writer

LOGAN, W.Va. — People who own real property within the city of Logan will be recieving letters soon notifying them about their responsibilities to take care of their sidewalks.

Logan Fire Chief and Code Enforcement Officer Scott Beckett said the letters will go out in the mail explaining that under Section 29 of the City Charter it is the duty of the owners of real property abutting near public streets to keep thier sidewalks in proper repair and good condition, which includes keeping them cleared of snow and ice in the winter and salted.

“And if any owner of any such real estate shall fail or refuse” to repair or keep such property “in good condition and clean,” any expense incurred by the city shall be assessed “to the amount of such expense against said property and upon the owner thereof, and the amount of such expense” can be assessed, the letter states. The letter also warns that a lien may be filed against the property for the amount assessed. It notes that those who wish a copy of the charter section or the code may contact the city at 304-688-5207. Those who have questions may call 304-752-2777 and speak with Beckett himself about the matter.

Beckett discussed the matter on Tuesday night, May 14 at the March meeting of the Logan City Council along with other topics. “It was always in the city charter,” Beckett explained to the council. “According to the city charter it is the property owner’s responsibility to keep them in good repair and cleared in the winter time. That was always on the books. If we have time, we try to help by doing it. We have a couple of ATVs we can use for that. But sometimes we are busy with other things and we cannot get out and do that for them.”

A burned down building on the 600 block of Dingess Street has been cleaned up he noted and said the roof of the Oddfellows building (which had burned a few months ago) had blown off recently during a severe storm. The very popular Mi Pueblito Mexican Restaurant had been housed in the building. Beckett said a new building will be built there and that there are “many more good projects will be coming to Logan in the near future.”

Beckett also inquired about getting more authority for the city fire marshall’s office to crack down on illegal burning by issuing citations to be handled in Municipal Court. He said that currently the Logan Fire Department has to get the Division of Natural Resources to handle that.

“We have based this on how Morgantown handles it,” Beckett said, leading City Attorney Kendal Partlow to quip that Morgantown’s fire department has to handle a lot of couch fires after sporting events.

Beckett said the Logan Fire Department had been pretty busy with 80 calls in the month of February many of them for structure fires. He noted the fire department had also been busy with some cross training in special rescues with military units who have come to the region to train at the Logan Airport.

“We are very proud to be of assistance to the US Military,” Beckett said, noting that there had been visitors to the area for military training now from all over the US and several foriegn countries. Beckett also discussed training being undertaken by firefighters as well as new certifications.

By J.D. Charles

Freelace Writer

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer for Civitas Media and a retired reporter for The Logan Banner. He can be reached by calling 304-752-6950.

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer for Civitas Media and a retired reporter for The Logan Banner. He can be reached by calling 304-752-6950.

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