WLHS takes No. 1 at MU Media Day

Logan High broadcasters bank fourth consecutive win

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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Logan High School just won a state tournament but it wasn’t in athletics.

The school’s broadcast class under the direction of Bill France placed first this weekend at United High School Media Day at Marshall University.

The annual event brings journalism programs together from across West Virginia, parts of Kentucky and Ohio for a series of seminars and competitions.

The Logan class uses WLHS-TV, which broadcasts during the schools LINKS class, as its main teaching tool. Students learn news writing, editing, interviewing skills, broadcasting, research and equipment operation using a hands on approach to learning.

WLHS-TV won first place in overall broadcast, which is the top honor for broadcast journalism programs. “This is like our state tournament,” France said. “All of these schools take it very seriously and for us to walk away with this victory makes me so proud of these students and the work they do.”

The class consists of Summer Jewell, Autumn Stennett, Jarrett Adkins, Destiny Bowers, Conner Woodruff, Samson Woodruff, Whitney Workman, Will Dowdy, Brandon Hill, Kaity Dingess and William Bradshaw.

This marks the fourth year in a row that Logan High School has won top prize in the competition.

Logan High broadcasters bank fourth consecutive win

Staff Report


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