Man moves forward on transfer of Water Works to PSD

By J.D. Charles - Freelance Writer

MAN, W.Va. — The proposed transfer of the Town of Man’s water and sewage facility to the Buffalo Creek Public Service District moved one step closer to happening on May 8.

Councilman John Fekete read a proposed ordinance that would allow the Buffalo Creek PSD to take ove the town’s water and sewer service at the Monday evening meeting. The reading was approved by the council.

The proposal comes following years of exorbitant bills from the Buffalo Creek PSD to treat rainwater that has been making its way into the PSD’s sewage collection meters. Last month the town received another monthly bill for $17,000 dollars, noted Mayor Jim Blevins at the April council meeting.

For some months the town had been in negotiations with the Thrasher Group, an engineering service company about a proposed three stage project that would have identified where the leaks were coming from, mapped out the towns degrading water lines and replace them. Some of the old lines are rusted away while others are made of Terra Cotta which has crumbled. An accurate map of the lines is not in existence as changes were made over the years without being mapped out.

However, as Councilman John Fekete noted the total cost for the project would have left the town hanging for a $7 million dollar price tag as it appeared that Man most likely would not receive any grant assistance from the state or federal government for the project and it would have meant the residents of Man would have been left holding the bag on a multi-million dollar loan to overhaul the water system.

To make matters worse, as Mayor Blevins pointed out, every month when the town had received a heavy amount of rainfall it got another massive bill from the PSD for treating rainwater in the sewage lines. Blevins noted that in a year’s time the bills could easily amount to $90,000. And each time it rained the bill climbed higher and higher.

There may be some work coming up on another long term problem. Longtime Councilman Roger Muncy said he would like to see the old Junior High building torn down and removed.

“I may have some good news there,” Mayor Blevins said. “The amount of $500,000 has been set aside to tear down the old Junior High building. That amount has been approved and it is in the bank. However that project has to wait until funding can be approved for another major project – a new, large scale apartment building that has been proposed.

Blevins said it would be a large scale project and that it would have 40 two bedroom units and 32 single bedroom units.

“This project will be really nice if it goes through,” Blevins said, noting he had shown the architectural designs to council members. Awaiting funding for that project is what is delaying the removal of the old school building.

By J.D. Charles

Freelance Writer

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer for Civitas Media and a retired reporter for The Logan Banner. He can be reached by calling 304-752-6950.

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer for Civitas Media and a retired reporter for The Logan Banner. He can be reached by calling 304-752-6950.

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