Two alleged burglars caught at scene in Kistler

Two would-be burglars where reportedly caught and arrested leaving the scene of a crime in the Man area.

On July 17, Deputy R.L. Johnson with the Logan County Sheriff’s Department reports he received a dispatch from Logan County 911 to the Kistler Apartments regarding two people climbing through a window.

Upon arriving on the scene, Johnson reports he observed a male and a female walking down the street carrying what appeared to be clothing items. Kevin Wayne Whitt, 38, of Accoville, and Brittany Sue Browning, 25, of Accoville, were subsequently arrested.

During his investigation, Johnson reportedly discovered Whitt and Browning had entered the apartment by rattling a window until it came off of its track. Whitt and Browning allegedly took items from the apartment and then crawled along a fence to the road when Johnson was arriving on scene.

Whitt and Browning have each been charged with burglary. If they are found guilty, they could each be forced to spend between one and 10 years in state correctional facility. Bond for both Whitt and Browning was set to $7,500, and, on July 17, both Whitt and Browning were able to post bond and are free pending trial.

• A man from the Mallory area was arrested July 28 after he allegedly stole items worth over $1,000 from a car.

In the early morning hours of July 12, Trooper T.J. Hannon, with the West Virginia State Police (WVSP), received a larceny complaint from the Chapmanville area.

Hannon reports he was advised by the victim they had left their car unlocked and several items of value, including an iPad mini, had been stolen. The items were given an approximate value of $1,070.

On Monday July 27, the victim contacted the WVSP advising they had recognized their iPad mini online. Upon making contact with the person in possession of the iPad mini, the person advised the victim the iPad mini had came from his son, Jerry Nelson, 38, of Mallory.

Upon making contact with Nelson, Hannon reports he was mirandized before making an audio recorded statement advising he stole items from the victim’s car July 12.

Nelson is charged with grand larceny, and, if he is found guilty, Nelson could be forced to spend between one and 10 years in state correctional facility. Bond was set to $7,500.

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Criminal complaints are public information. Charges listed in a complaint are merely accusations; defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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By Owen Wells

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