Deputies to patrol school zones

Staff Report

The Logan County Sheriff’s Deputies will be patrolling the school zones next week to start off the new school year.

Sheriff Sonya M. Dingess Porter wants everyone to know that extra patrols have been set up in the county’s school zones to remind everyone to slow down and be aware of the children.

“Our goal is to keep the children safe and to make every effort possible to keep accidents from occurring. We receive a lot of complaints from school personnel as well as from parents that motorists are driving too fast in the school zones. Our goal is to increase safety, but if violations occur citations will be issued,” Porter said.

In addition to the extra patrols, deputies will be visiting the schools from time to time during their shifts to check in with personnel.

“We work closely with the Logan County Board of Education and schools in the county and want to make ourselves available to them as much as possible,” Porter said. “It is the goal of the Logan County Sheriff’s Department to let the school personnel — as well as the public — know that we are available to assist in any manner.”

The first day of school for students is Mon., Aug. 17.

Staff Report

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