Slow month in West Logan

J.D. Charles - Contributing Writer

WEST LOGAN — It was a slow month in the town of West Logan in July. There were no reported traffic accidents or any official reports of any crimes, according to West Logan Police Chief Robert Ward, who told the town council that there was a secondary report of a car that had allegedly been broken into on 1st Avenue.

“It supposedly happened around three weeks ago, but nobody thought to call law enforcement and report it,” Ward said, saying a town resident had brought it to his attention.

Ward explained that any time an incident occurs which merits notifying law enforcement the public needs to do so immediately and not wait until the next day or even later.

“It makes it more difficult for the authorities to do their job if they are only told after the fact,” he said.

Ward discussed some ongoing problems with a break in the road on 3rd Avenue and a wall that has been collapsing for some time. He noted that both problems have been observed for months now. The Department of Highways has been notified about both issues but to date nothing has been done so far.

Ward said Scott Beckett and the City of Logan Fire Department had come down and changed out the old traffic lights for the town recently, but a rock or gravel had broken one of the lights. Ward and Mayor Darren Akers discussed the idea of replacing the old-style lights with newer ones. Ward noted it has become difficult to obtain replacement bulbs.

Other minor but ongoing issues discussed by the council included some overgrown weeds and shrubs on peoples’ property and an abandoned lot that has become more overgrown than a jungle. Councilmember Brooke Honaker said that one of her neighbors had pitched in and helped clear out some brush and poison ivy on one abandoned lot on the other side of the town. Councilmember Ruby Moore asked that the back side of town hall be painted.

J.D. Charles

Contributing Writer

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer and a former reporter for The Logan Banner.

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer and a former reporter for The Logan Banner.

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