Town to auction off surplus vehicle

J.D. Charles - Contributing Writer

WEST LOGAN — The town of West Logan will be auctioning off their old Chrysler patrol car. The vehicle is a 2004 Chrysler that has a little over 60,000 miles on it. During the September meeting of the town council on September 14, West Logan Mayor Darren Akers and Police Chief Robert Ward discussed the idea, both men noting that the newer vehicle provided to the department by the Logan County Sheriff’s Department and the Logan County Commission had left the older vehicle being seldom used. The town has been paying insurance on both vehicles.

Ward said the car runs good, but noted it does need some repairs to the front end.

“It does have an oil leak and it needs brakes and struts,” he said.

After the town had received a newer vehicle in better shape from the county the older car has mostly been parked behind city hall and used when the newer patrol vehicle was in the shop.

Council members discussed having closed bids for the car and setting a minimum bid for the vehicle.

Anyone interested in placing a bid can contact Town Hall at 304-752-3244.

In other West Logan news, a young man came forward and asked to be given some community service work.

Aaron Vannatter said that he needs to do at least three hours of community service work as a requirement for the National Honors Society for school.

“I will put him to work,” noted council member Ruby Moore who said the windows at Town Hall needed to be cleaned.

“That would probably be eight hours of work,” Chief Ward said.

“It’s a good thing when you get young people volunteering to get out and work in their community,” noted Mayor Akers, who agreed to the proposal. “Most young people don’t want to do that.”

Town Clerk Mark Mareske noted that the town’s finances were down a bit from last month.

“It seems that our sanitation fees where not what they had been,” he said.

Chief Ward and Mayor Akers pointed out that with many lay-offs in the mining community — which is the backbone of Logan County — that the economy was tight and that some residents had fallen behind on paying fees.

“We also paid our quarterly insurance,” Mareske noted, adding there were two repair bills for the street department trucks.

Chief Ward said the town’s police reports from September showed a fairly quiet month with no reported accidents or domestic disputes. Ward said there was one incident of destruction of property where a young man was moving some items and struck a vehicle with a table.

Ward said there was a report of a tail light being broken out on First Avenue.

“On September 1, I observed a young male leaving an abandoned garage carrying some scrap metal. He was stopped and made to return the items and told to stay away from that property and not go back to it.”

Ward said what initially came in as a possible burglary call over on Route 10 turned out to be a case of faulty home repair.

“It looked like a window had fallen out of the pane and damaged a mirror. Nothing was missing,” he explained.

Ward said Glen “Houn’dog” Adkins had reported some problems with water coming up at the back of his store and that the situation on Third Avenue where the road has partially collapsed continues to worsen.

Council members discussed the possibility of having a “Trunk or Treat” Halloween party on Oct. 31.

J.D. Charles

Contributing Writer

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer and a former reporter for The Logan Banner.

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer and a former reporter for The Logan Banner.

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