Council discusses bear problem and election

The Town of Man Council meeting had two major topics Monday afternoon — the municipal election and a black bear. Pictured is, from left, Mayor Jim Blevins, Town Attorney Adrian Hoosier and Councilmember John Fekete.

MAN — It was a very quick meeting of the Man Town Council on Monday evening with only two major topics of conversation — the upcoming election on Tuesday and a bear which has reportedly become something of a nuisance in the area.

Early voting in the Town of Man has seen around 183 people cast their ballots already, noted Man Mayor Jim Blevins.

“That is about half the voters,” noted one woman present at the meeting who asked about the election which was scheduled for Tuesday, June 9. She also asked about what the town was doing in regards to a large black bear which has become a worrisome issue for people in the Man area.

“We have been asked by the Division of Natural Resources to have our police shoot the bear,” Mayor Blevins explained.

Sgt. Danny Brown of the Man Police Department said that other police officers have tried to shoot the bruin but came up short.

“It was spotted close to the playground the other day,” Brown said, noting that on another instance the bear was seen near town by a deputy who fired shots at it.

“If you shoot at it make sure you don’t miss,” Mayor Blevins said. “Kill it.”

Brown said the bear was large and Town Accountant Jeff Valet noted that police in the neighboring town of Logan had been forced to kill a bear last year.

Brown noted that he had his 12 gauge shotgun loaded with rifled .70 caliber slugs to kill the bear.

“It has gotten comfortable around people,” Brown noted. “When it first popped up it used to run away.”

In other Man Council news:

• The minutes of the May meeting and financial statements from May were approved.

• Council approved the appointment of Gretchen Donahue to the Buffalo Creek Memorial Library Board of Directors and the replacement of Ellen Burgess with Lisa Chapman to fill out the rest of her term on the board.

• Blevins said a missing table had been recovered down by the riverbank. It is believed the table was borrowed by local fishermen.

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