Community leader to be honored posthumously

WEST LOGAN — A man who made his mark on the Town of West Logan will be honored in the future at town hall. The late Tommy Owens was known to all through the community and the county for his good nature, his kind heart and his desire to assist others. And a piece of that legacy will live on at West Logan Town Hall.

As you know, Tommy Owens was a good neighbor and a great man,” explained West Logan Mayor Darren Akers. “Over the years, Tommy did so much for our community and our county. You could always depend upon him. He was active with the Logan County Community Fund for many years and he was always eager to help out with his services whenever he could.”

Akers explained that Owens’ son had come across a plaque that Tommy had received while going through his personal effects. “He asked that the town consider hanging it up and displaying it here at town hall.”

Akers said those who worked with Owens would be proud to have the plaque on display there.

“He was a neighbor, a friend, a leader in the community and all who knew him will miss him,” Akers said.

A young man who approached the Town of West Logan last month about complaints regarding pit bulls offered his services to the county dog pound or the local no-kill shelter project in regards to working with and rehabilitating pit bulls.

At last month’s Town Council Meeting Charles Rosati said his family had recently moved to town and there had been some complaints about their dogs. He said the family did have several pit bulls in their residence but some had been relocated.

Rosati said he cared about animals and that he recently spoke with somebody at the local animal hospital who told him that the illness of Parvo was prevalent this year and he urged dog owners to have their pets checked.

“They said it is the worst outbreak they have seen in five years,” Rosati noted.

Rosati said he had been taking extra precautions to insure that his dogs stayed inside his family’s property and under control. He admitted there had been an incident in the past where the large dog had gotten loose.

Town Attorney Steve Wolfe said there had been a report about the dog getting out and noted that “if there is another incident the town could take action,” Wolfe added, noting that if a dog did “something crazy” such actions could be documented.

Rosati said he was looking for a place to move which would be more appropriate for dealing with multiple dogs, and said he had some friends from out of state that would be coming to visit and assist him. Rosati said he would be happy to work with either the dog-pound or a responsible no-kill shelter or organization to help both pit bulls and people.

In other West Logan news, Police Chief Robert Ward said the town had been a little more hectic than normal lately due primarily to some personal disputes between neighbors and family members.

“We had one report of a motorist who got loud with somebody in what turned into a verbal dispute,” Ward said. He explained the problem turned out to be over a cell phone that one party had sold to another and had apparently not received payment for.

Another dispute turned out to be related to a domestic violence petition against a former spouse. Ward said there had been two complaints about people scratching the paint on some cars. The final complaint came from a woman who claimed somebody had broken into her house and left her front door open. However nothing was missing except some cats.

Ward said the new bulbs had come in for the traffic lights in town and that the Logan Fire Department had agreed to replace them as soon as their schedule allowed.

“They recommend that down the road we look into replacing them with LED bulbs,” Ward said.

Ward discussed painting new parking spots in town. Mayor Darren Akers said that the parking situation seemed to have gotten much better since last month. Council discussed removing an old stop sign in one part of town that has been mostly ignored for years to make room for parking.

In other West Logan news:

Financial report and minutes from last month were approved.

Rubie Moore discussed the proposed neighborhood clean-up committee.

“It looks like it is me and Ron Bryant and Robert Ward,” Moore quipped. “We are working on getting a new sign to welcome the public to West Logan.”

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