C-ville council approves water project

The Chapmanville Town Council meeting held Monday June 8 was the last meeting of the council with its current line up: Tony Robison, Michael Collins, Anita Hagerty, Claude Workman, Jerry Price, Rob Kuenzel and Gary Bledsoe were all present.

While the meeting was to be the last for this council, that sentiment did not impede discussion on several issues.

In new business, draw down number 17 for the Big Harts Water Project was approved to the tune of $36,391. The town’s finances where also discussed by Town Recorder Claude Workman who stated that the town took in $56,901 in revenue and spend $67,551.

During time allotted for remarks by council members, Hagerty stated, “It’s my understanding also that the ordinances that are drawn up in town are no longer enforced. Is that correct?”

Price stated, “I have no idea what you are talking about,” to which Hagerty replied, “I believe you do. Some people came to see you and you told them we no longer enforce them. Then why draw them up?”

Price asked, “Enforce what ordinance,” to which Hagerty replied, “All the ordinances.” Bledsoe asked Hagerty if she was referring to any particular ordinance and Hagerty replied, “I’m not speaking of no main [ordinance] in particular. I think everybody should obey the ordinances. I’m talking about all ordinances. All. All. All. But if you [Price] didn’t say it, you didn’t say it. I just think things have been kind of put back and the town doesn’t know what’s going on. Little things that have been hidden back, and I think the town should know. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to stir up anything. I’m just not wanting to hide something. I hope I never get called into court.”

Hagerty later made the motion to adjourn which was seconded by Bledsoe, and the last meeting of Chapmanville Town Council in its current guise ended.

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