Two Logan students charged with making threats

From staff reports

LOGAN — Two Logan High School students were arrested on Thursday and charged with making terroristic threats.

The school was placed on lockdown just before noon and bomb-sniffing police dogs were brought to the school.

Details remain sketchy, but Troopers with the Logan detachment of the West Virginia State Police said a threat had been made by the students.

The lockdown was eventually lifted and law enforcement officials said the investigation is ongoing.

• On Oct. 15, West Virginia State Police troopers say a tenth grader at Chapmanville Regional High School was charged with making a terroristic threat, according to previously published reports.

According to West Virginia State Police trooper, Sgt. Randy Frye of the Logan Detachment, fellow students heard the tenth grader say he had made a “hit list.”

Students notified teachers shortly after 9 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015, of what they overheard. Faculty members in turn called law enforcement. Troopers responded to the school and arrested the student, it was reported.

Chapmanville Regional High School was not put on lock-down and the students had a regular school day.

Sgt. Randy Frye of the West Virginia State Police said the student mentioned he was bullied by other students.

• A similar incident occurred at Man Middle School on Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015.

A threatening note was found inside a student’s textbook at the school, it was reported. Law enforcement was called to the scene and searched the school grounds. They did not find anything, according to reports.

Just days before that a similar incident occurred at Chapmanville Middle School. In that incident, school officials said the school was checked out, including lockers and nothing was found.

• On Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015, a Lincoln County eighth-grader was charged after making what law enforcement called “substantial threats” to fellow students at Harts PreK-8.

Deputies found references to the Columbine massacre and pictures of Charles Manson inside the students’ backpack.

• In September, the Logan County School Board of Education expelled three students who were arrested at Logan High School after an incident with city police.

The three boys were kicked out of school for a full year, but will be offered the opportunity for alternative schooling during that year, according to the board.

The incident started when students outside the cafeteria refused to turn down loud music that contained derogatory lyrics about law enforcement. The matter escalated when the school’s resource officer got involved and several students started changing “F*** the cops,” along with the music.

Logan police officers arrived and isolated four individuals who were considered the ring leaders. When the altercation became physical, police used pepper spray on one of the boys. Three of the four boys were charged with juvenile petitions.

During the incident, the rest of the school’s student body, staff and faculty were placed on lockdown for nearly an hour.

A small crowd was on hand for the meeting, which included 17 teachers from Logan High School. The board voted unanimously for a year long expulsion of all three on a unanimous vote following a two hour executive session. The three boys were not publicly identified. They were referred to by the board as “Student A, Student B, and Student C.”

No disciplinary action was taken against the fourth student who was not criminally charged in the incident.

The board made no comment following the vote.

• On Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015, the Logan BOE went into executive session to discuss many of the recent incidents and five students faced disciplinary action, it was reported.

Three students are from Man High School, one is from Man Middle, and one is from Chapmanville Regional High School.

The board recommended interventions for two students from Man High School. The third Man High student was suspended for 365 days, as well as a student from Chapmanville, it was reported.

Discussion about the student from Man Middle School will continue at a meeting Monday, the board said.

None of the names of the students could be released because they are minors, the board added.

From staff reports

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