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If a fast-paced, riding, hiking, scavenger hunt and zombie trail sounds like it would top off your Halloween weekend, then TWISTED TERROR: Camp Dead South could be the haunted attraction for you.

This Halloween season, the ARTS is bringing you a haunted trail they promise will rival any in the state.

Set in the dark and secluded Boy Scout Camp at Garrett’s Fork in Chapmanville, the zombie apocalypse has hit, brought in by an unknowing scout from an undisclosed location.

The U.S. The government has shut down all access to the camp, employing the secret government agency A.R.M. to handle the crisis.

Supplies have been dropped inside the camp and we need volunteers to go in and pack them out. A temporary vaccine to counteract the virus has also been rumored to be included in the supply drop. Do you have what it takes? You’ve got thirty minutes to make it out alive and and uncontaminated, otherwise… The ARTS say they doubt you will ever be heard from again.

The ARTS stress this experience is not for the faint of heart.

Twisted Terror is recommended for kids ages 13 and up unless they are closely supervised by an adult.

Please wear appropriate footwear as you may need to run, jump, hike, and climb into the bed of a truck. This is a fast paced, physical and interactive haunted trail. They ARTS urges if you have any reason to believe your doctor would advise you against participating then stay away. All participants will enter at their own risk.

Fog machines, strobe lights, complete darkness and sudden movements are a part of this experience. The zombies can smell fear and always go for the weakest first. You have been warned.

“TWISTED TERROR: Camp Dead South” is being presented with special permission from the Boy Scouts of America at Camp Chief Logan on Garrett’s Fork Road in Chapmanville, W.Va. The trail runs Friday and Saturday night: Oct. 30 and 31.

Gates will open at 7:30 pm and tickets will be sold until midnight. Admission is $10. No refunds will be given if participants get too scared and back out.

The ARTS is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality entertainment to the people of Southern WV. The company primarily works out of the historic Coalfield Jamboree Theatre to provide year-round fine arts entertainment to the region. For more information on the ARTS or TWISTED TERROR, please visit, like us on Facebook: theARTSwv or TWISTEDTERROR, or call 304-785-0547.

Staff Report

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