Logan’s test scores among lowest

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In the spring of 2015, students in Logan County Schools took the new General Summative Assessment that was aligned to West Virginia’s “Next Generation” standards. The General Summative Assessment (GSA) replaced the older Westest and Westest 2 assessments. The GSA is designed to test whether students are learning the Next Generation Common Core-based math and English/language arts standards that were implemented statewide in West Virginia last school year.

The definition of proficiency is different between the Westest 2 and the new General Summative Assessment, and the two assessments are not comparable. Logan County saw increases in scores for nine out of eleven of its elementary schools and a few increases in some grades in the middle and high schools.

Accountability data has not yet been released by the WV Department of Education, so the following data consists of raw test scores that includes the alternative assessment (approximately 50 students in Logan County) and students who were in the classroom for 135 days of the school year.

Significant score increases were seen in Holden Elementary’s third grade with 64 percent scoring proficiency in math and 57 percent scoring proficiency in reading. Hugh Dingess Elementary had 50 percent of its students score proficiency in third-grade math. Justice Elementary scored 61 percent proficiency in third-grade math and reading, 41 percent in fourth-grade math, and 50 percent in fourth-grade reading. South Man Elementary scored 57 percent proficiency in third-grade reading and 53 percent in fourth-grade math and reading. County increases were in third-grade math and third and fifth-grade reading/language arts. State increases were in third-grade math and third, fourth, and fifth grade reading/language arts.

State proficiency in third-grade math was 44 percent, third-grade reading 46 percent, fourth-grade math 36 percent, and fourth-grade reading 45 percent. Of Logan County’s eleven elementary schools, there were increases in 18 out of 44 areas. The middle and high schools did not fare as well with increases in only a few areas. The county’s math proficiency scores were among the lowest in the state with sixth grade scoring 18 percent profiency, seventh grade at 15 percent, eighth grade 11 percent, ninth grade 8 percent, tenth grade 4 percent, and eleventh grade 4 percent.

Dr. Mary Lu MacCorkle, Assistant Superintendent of Logan County Schools, stated two factors that are important in explaining Logan County’s math scores are insufficient certified math teachers on the secondary level and the challenges faced by elementary teachers in transitioning from a traditional math system to the current system.

“Our highest performing elementary schools compare favorably with the highest performing counties in the state, indicating that Logan County students are capable of performing at a high level.”

The WVDE has recently eliminated the testing of science in all grades except for fourth, sixth, and tenth grades and has eliminated social studies testing for all students. The ACT Explore for eighth-grade students and ACT PLAN for tenth-grade students has also been eliminated. Among other changes, the state school board voted last month to delay using standardized testing as part of teacher evaluations and also voted earlier this year to delay using the A-F grading scale for schools.

You can search test results for any county in the state by going to http://zoomwv.k12.wv.us/Dashboard/portalHome.jsp . Click the drop down menu under the “State Assessment Results” tab and then select “State Assessment Summary.” Should you have any questions relating to the General Summative Assessment, contact Harless Cook, Director of Guidance and Testing, at 304-792-2080 or by email at [email protected]

Staff report

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